Oh Liverpool in the cold!

It’s freezing but I am still awake! No sleeping during the entire day!

I have travelled to the UK for this week and I knew that it would feel cold and I prepared with thick sustainable clothing… It’s still in my bag at the hotel… I am sat in a freezing cold indoor hall, wearing what I was wearing in Mallorca this morning. I’m cold.

But here is the tricky bit, I am still awake! As in fully awake, and not just a hanging in there awake, I am fully aware of self and surrounding. I am here!

Horses have been jumping fabulous and being placed and everything. Now just one more to jump today in Aintree. Then I can find my clothes and my hotel room and prepare for the day tomorrow. The ozone is still active!

Keep smiling 🙂 if you are in a cold place put on warmer clothes

Ozone me

Hello again!

I have had my first ozone therapy today! Unfortunately my blood pressure was to low they couldn’t remove blood from me to then add the ozone, instead I got new water and ozone mixed and then intravenously injected… I should probably start to feel it soon. But maybe even just still being awake is proof of the ozone working.

Having an addictive personality is never really good for you! Too much of even very good things is not a good thing. My newest addiction is green tea… Or white tea… The problem is the lack of toilets when you are out and about. Don’t drink liters of tea unless you know that you will have access to a loo…

Tomorrow I am traveling over to the cold cold island in the west. England here I come! I was trying out skiing pants to wear for the 3 days I’ll be sat indoors of Aintree to watch my horses jump. Sadly my discreet pants don’t fit any more… The bright pink ones might have to do… Ah well I guess that’s not a first for me, wearing pink, and be proud of it!

Today has been a very busy day and now I’ve even managed to get in to Palma to do some shopping! Maybe it is the ozone working?! At 9.30 this morning I was ready to go back to bed.

Keep Smiling 🙂 today year of the horse! Feel and fill your life for new beginnings!

Transfers and tips

After a full 2 weeks of this chronic tiredness I thought that I had managed to beat it by a couple of healthy steps!
1. Diet, no sugar, no lactose, no gluten, no oats, no caffeine, no alcohol… A whole lot of no’s… But I have found a new tea that I drink religiously about 2 liters per day!
2. Sleep. I sleep when I get tired. At times 12-16 hours per day doctor has advised no more than 14 hours is ever ok, but if I can’t speak properly I find that it more annoying to try and stay awake.
3. Sport. I do what I can and when I can. Yoga Kundalini is lovely, riding I have managed only twice. Walking is ok but when I get tired there is nothing I can do. Quite scary.

I have started my blood doping so officially should feel better now and possibly I have, but as I want to do everything straight away I tend to overdo things without thinking… A brain, any brain would do. I tend not to use mine any more I have realized.

I have been put on a new anti-epileptic drug. Unfortunately I think my body doesn’t like it and I have developed a rash on my throat… I will give it a few more days and then decide to either continue or stop it.

The Kundalini yoga is my number one thing I would recommend to everyone. I expect it depends a lot on the yogi that gives the classes but I have found my lovely yogi teacher Linda! There is a lot of love and peace in the room when she is around. It’s an overall feel good adventure and so fast working!

This morning I went to the 8 am class! Incredible way to start the day!!!

The other thing I have started this week is Matcha tea. 2 weeks ago I had never heard about it. But since I started my research it’s basically the end of all evil and the creator of all good! I have been drinking it 2 times per day since Friday. I think it has some effect on me, but it’s hard to tell what is energy from what. Well I don’t care where the energy comes from as long as I have some!

The shows have started in Mallorca now. The Spanish/Mallorcan federation have not yet managed to come out with this years schedule, so so far only club shows are running but here it’s equal really. It’s the same standard and as the weather was a lovely 22 degrees and the sun was bright and shining, who am I to complain? Other than I’m not being able to compete yet, if ever again… We will see. Instead of digging myself a grave of sorrow and self-pity I take this disability in a stride and travel over to UK to watch my horses jumping at Aintree next weekend!

James Arthur is still plaguing Mallorcan radio with Impossible- year 2012 Christmas hit…

Keep Smiling 🙂 the year of the horse will be here soon!

Still the year of the snake

Good evening all.

I’m so sorry for complete abandonment of this blog. Have had tired weeks, and low functioning brain as well as non-functioning body.

I was so sure it was diet related. Going a bit sugar crazy over Christmas as all restrictions of any naughty eating kind of went to pots… I basically eat what I felt like and however much I wanted as I had grown tired of being the all over “goodie” girl. As tiredness had kicked in after 4 days in the UK I put it down to lack of horsey involvement as well as surgery treats.

A week ago I realized there was no way I could drive a car. Tiredness number 1 sign for me is still double vision. I just don’t see how double vision ever could be good whilst driving a vehicle. So without the ability to drive as well as the constant tiredness filling my head with lead, I took the grown up decision to not go riding.

Have had endless more appointments at hospital. The MRI came back. The neurologist was not too happy as he saw changes in the brain that indicated a newish stroke. He sent me to a few more heart related appointments. Luckily they all came back clear. Basically even though my brain might not be working correctly my heart is fabulous!

Today I changed tack. I had my first appointment with Dr Mazzuca. He runs a clinic at Juaneda as well. I had been recommended to go and see him some months ago by a friend of mine. But at that time, I was dealing with a total different part of my healing process, so I felt another need to see or in this case not to see anyone else containing Dr in their job description.

Dr Mazzuca was a mind opener. After over an hours consultation he recommended a few tests and ways forward for me. He believed that I had a problem with too high levels of metals in my system. He thought free radicals were eating away on my tired brain cells and had solutions for me. Next week I am starting blood doping! Luckily I am not competing at the moment so there is no reason for me to get dope tested!

My mother came with me to see the doctor. For support and extra brain power. She has a friend who has had a similar treatment. He became quite wild, it seams, when his brain was blood doped. His mental age apparently dropped him back to late teens/early 20’s. So watch this space! Next blog might come from Magaluff!?

Keep Smiling 🙂 focus on what you have that is alright!

New year new ailments

Welcome to 2014 a year of new beginnings. Or so I thought.

Spending Christmas in the UK and new year back here in Mallorca. I was out of the saddle for ca 8-9 days and I started losing a bit of feeling on my left side again. At first I chose to ignore it. A little less feeling in my leg and arm are things I can live with. Then it started to get a little worse. My face started to feel numb. It was always better in the mornings and getting worse as I grew more tired in a day.

I went for a normal check up with my orthopedic doctor. It was a routine just for him to see that my knee and elbow had healed the way they should do. After he had seen my walk he slowly gathered some paper in front of him and slowly tucked them into a little pile as he asked me lightly almost “do you mind if I call the on call neurological doctor so he can have a look at you?” There was a calm and a quietness around the question that made me alert.-“Why?” I asked. He then explained that the pattern that I move with in combination with the loss of sensation etc could not be traced back to the September trauma of broken limbs but rather the 2012 trauma of head injury and coma was to blame.

So I was re-aquatinted with Dr Nobbe and booked in for a new MRI scan the following morning. In true Dr fashion he immediately tried to get me to commit to new drugs. I actually declined. I was very polite but equally firm. No drugs unless I know I need them for sure.

So now I have been waiting for 3 days for the MRI results to be ready and tomorrow I will get a verdict. Weather or not they will come forward with any news about any change that might have happened in my brain, I seriously doubt it, but hopefully some insight in this inability to move should be enlightened…

The year of the snake is not over yet. The 31/1/14 is the Chinese New Year and then the year of the Horse shall begin. Don’t laugh about it. I know horses have been involved in both my accidents but I don’t blame them! The year of the Horse shall be a great one!

Keep smiling 🙂 the days are getting longer and the spring is around the corner!