Welcome 2024

So behold dear followers and fellow stalkers! This will be the first in a while of blogging without injury!

I know! Surprisingly few injuries so far this year, but just as I’m writing this I realize I have got the biggest mouth ulcer known to man on the upper left hand side of my mouth! I got it after a very interesting date with one of my dentists (yes I have 3 different dentists!). Thursdays date with the dentist Micheal was rather eventful! I had to re-do a root canal! And lo and behold as the proven elephant I am when it comes to dental pain killers, I had to have 4 injections before the pain subsided. I think that’s where my ulcer comes from… I have not yet grown too attached to it… it has got no name so far… the ulcer that is… maybe Ulla would be a suitable name for her? And so there it is. She will probably be here to stay now that she is named and everything. Damn…

January has started in style! I am still not jumping horses (or ponies) but Millie is doing a rather good job of it! She was 2d in today’s class with Rulle. In November last year I managed to re-damage an old coxis injury. I was doing a Pilates reformer class and doing a box “horse” movement. No pain directly but the day after I couldn’t sit properly. This made it almost impossible to ride. I have now had a new saddle pad delivered that takes away all pressure points. So at least now I can ride.

So this writing about the new year without ailments and injuries was total lies. They were just much quieter and less spectacular.

I have started reading a new book, you have to name your habits and how to improve spending your time. My worst habit I think are the liters of tea I drink… or possibly time I spend online, not getting anything done. You have to decide on habits you would like to grow and also how to quit the bad ones. I’d like to write more often, and write better. I would also like to be able to read my own handwriting… I have already stopped so many of my bad habits… I think I have to get a few more bad ones so I can have some to stop in the future. I am keeping drinking wine! Wine makes everything fine!

We were away for new year. The best thing that happened was Dans new friend Dan!

Dan on his camel also called Dan!

Keep smiling 🙂 sometimes you are lucky enough to find a namesake camel 🐪

3 thoughts on “Welcome 2024

  1. It’s good to learn that you are keeping clear of further injuries, Emilie. Please give my regards to your mother who was in my Shakespeare group in Stratford when she lived in the UK. I hope that she is well also.
    Best wishes.

    • Thank you so much Lawrence! My mother sends you her love from South Africa where she is currently visiting her cousins! I hope you are well and still spreading the words of Shakespeare ❤️

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