Still the year of the snake

Good evening all.

I’m so sorry for complete abandonment of this blog. Have had tired weeks, and low functioning brain as well as non-functioning body.

I was so sure it was diet related. Going a bit sugar crazy over Christmas as all restrictions of any naughty eating kind of went to pots… I basically eat what I felt like and however much I wanted as I had grown tired of being the all over “goodie” girl. As tiredness had kicked in after 4 days in the UK I put it down to lack of horsey involvement as well as surgery treats.

A week ago I realized there was no way I could drive a car. Tiredness number 1 sign for me is still double vision. I just don’t see how double vision ever could be good whilst driving a vehicle. So without the ability to drive as well as the constant tiredness filling my head with lead, I took the grown up decision to not go riding.

Have had endless more appointments at hospital. The MRI came back. The neurologist was not too happy as he saw changes in the brain that indicated a newish stroke. He sent me to a few more heart related appointments. Luckily they all came back clear. Basically even though my brain might not be working correctly my heart is fabulous!

Today I changed tack. I had my first appointment with Dr Mazzuca. He runs a clinic at Juaneda as well. I had been recommended to go and see him some months ago by a friend of mine. But at that time, I was dealing with a total different part of my healing process, so I felt another need to see or in this case not to see anyone else containing Dr in their job description.

Dr Mazzuca was a mind opener. After over an hours consultation he recommended a few tests and ways forward for me. He believed that I had a problem with too high levels of metals in my system. He thought free radicals were eating away on my tired brain cells and had solutions for me. Next week I am starting blood doping! Luckily I am not competing at the moment so there is no reason for me to get dope tested!

My mother came with me to see the doctor. For support and extra brain power. She has a friend who has had a similar treatment. He became quite wild, it seams, when his brain was blood doped. His mental age apparently dropped him back to late teens/early 20’s. So watch this space! Next blog might come from Magaluff!?

Keep Smiling 🙂 focus on what you have that is alright!

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