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After a full 2 weeks of this chronic tiredness I thought that I had managed to beat it by a couple of healthy steps!
1. Diet, no sugar, no lactose, no gluten, no oats, no caffeine, no alcohol… A whole lot of no’s… But I have found a new tea that I drink religiously about 2 liters per day!
2. Sleep. I sleep when I get tired. At times 12-16 hours per day doctor has advised no more than 14 hours is ever ok, but if I can’t speak properly I find that it more annoying to try and stay awake.
3. Sport. I do what I can and when I can. Yoga Kundalini is lovely, riding I have managed only twice. Walking is ok but when I get tired there is nothing I can do. Quite scary.

I have started my blood doping so officially should feel better now and possibly I have, but as I want to do everything straight away I tend to overdo things without thinking… A brain, any brain would do. I tend not to use mine any more I have realized.

I have been put on a new anti-epileptic drug. Unfortunately I think my body doesn’t like it and I have developed a rash on my throat… I will give it a few more days and then decide to either continue or stop it.

The Kundalini yoga is my number one thing I would recommend to everyone. I expect it depends a lot on the yogi that gives the classes but I have found my lovely yogi teacher Linda! There is a lot of love and peace in the room when she is around. It’s an overall feel good adventure and so fast working!

This morning I went to the 8 am class! Incredible way to start the day!!!

The other thing I have started this week is Matcha tea. 2 weeks ago I had never heard about it. But since I started my research it’s basically the end of all evil and the creator of all good! I have been drinking it 2 times per day since Friday. I think it has some effect on me, but it’s hard to tell what is energy from what. Well I don’t care where the energy comes from as long as I have some!

The shows have started in Mallorca now. The Spanish/Mallorcan federation have not yet managed to come out with this years schedule, so so far only club shows are running but here it’s equal really. It’s the same standard and as the weather was a lovely 22 degrees and the sun was bright and shining, who am I to complain? Other than I’m not being able to compete yet, if ever again… We will see. Instead of digging myself a grave of sorrow and self-pity I take this disability in a stride and travel over to UK to watch my horses jumping at Aintree next weekend!

James Arthur is still plaguing Mallorcan radio with Impossible- year 2012 Christmas hit…

Keep Smiling 🙂 the year of the horse will be here soon!

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