New year new ailments

Welcome to 2014 a year of new beginnings. Or so I thought.

Spending Christmas in the UK and new year back here in Mallorca. I was out of the saddle for ca 8-9 days and I started losing a bit of feeling on my left side again. At first I chose to ignore it. A little less feeling in my leg and arm are things I can live with. Then it started to get a little worse. My face started to feel numb. It was always better in the mornings and getting worse as I grew more tired in a day.

I went for a normal check up with my orthopedic doctor. It was a routine just for him to see that my knee and elbow had healed the way they should do. After he had seen my walk he slowly gathered some paper in front of him and slowly tucked them into a little pile as he asked me lightly almost “do you mind if I call the on call neurological doctor so he can have a look at you?” There was a calm and a quietness around the question that made me alert.-“Why?” I asked. He then explained that the pattern that I move with in combination with the loss of sensation etc could not be traced back to the September trauma of broken limbs but rather the 2012 trauma of head injury and coma was to blame.

So I was re-aquatinted with Dr Nobbe and booked in for a new MRI scan the following morning. In true Dr fashion he immediately tried to get me to commit to new drugs. I actually declined. I was very polite but equally firm. No drugs unless I know I need them for sure.

So now I have been waiting for 3 days for the MRI results to be ready and tomorrow I will get a verdict. Weather or not they will come forward with any news about any change that might have happened in my brain, I seriously doubt it, but hopefully some insight in this inability to move should be enlightened…

The year of the snake is not over yet. The 31/1/14 is the Chinese New Year and then the year of the Horse shall begin. Don’t laugh about it. I know horses have been involved in both my accidents but I don’t blame them! The year of the Horse shall be a great one!

Keep smiling 🙂 the days are getting longer and the spring is around the corner!

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