Back at hospital

Again, back at Juaneda. But behold, I am not the wounded creature now, no the curse has been swapped momentarily and one of my offspring has been appointed hospitalee for this time. Although as she is only 2 of course I have to stay with her. At the moment in the same bed as her.

Food here is awful. You really have to be ill here to consume anything they bring you on a tray here. Maybe they make the food so bad here to enthuse you into becoming healed/fresh/ healthy… It’s a long shot but maybe that’s what it is.

I have been quite upbeat lately. Almost daring to look forward to things. I have been quite busy. I’m back riding again and almost feeling like a real person. I drive a car. I have still got a couple of daily tasks that I up until briefly enjoyed doing.

But now as the trip planned since July is coming closer, we are supposed to travel tomorrow, of course health hell breaks loose. As it always does when I am involved in any activity I would do just “for fun”. So with flat rented in London, tickets booked for Lion King, Olympia and winter wonderland I should have counted on the curse of 20-13 to follow on in the style it has done, why change?

It was all decision making and stressful time and this blog was not finished.

Christmas has been handled and has gone well. Thousand thanks to my mother that was a god send in our hour of need.

Keep Smiling 🙂 even in a cursed year such as this there are beautiful diamond memories that we will treasure forever.

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