The terror of 20-13

I was swedenbound yet another time before Christmas and as soon as I left Mallorca things started to go wrong.

Literally as soon as the Vueling lifted its aluminum wings and we took to the skies in Barcelona, Lucky got into a gas related colic problem and the vets were called out.

Landing in Stockholm, as I was traveling in company I was enjoying quiet wheelchair drivers! They don’t sing badly in able bodied peoples presence! Probably because of the fear of what they know an abled bodied person could do to them. As we arrived at our hotel I got the first phonecall about Lucky’s colic. We tried to arrange everything and thanks to a great team with great grooms, vets and transporters we got her to the clinic for the evening as she hadn’t picked up during the afternoon.

The next phone call was of Skype variety to talk to our girls and at the time they were all still cheery. Mel was a little tired and missing us but otherwise fine. We told our good nights and headed out for dinner with the most fabulous person in this world, my grand mother India!

India, or Farmor as I call her, is 94 years old and I was lucky enough to get a date with her after her Italian lesson! She is a Wonder Woman! During dinner I get confirmation that Lucky had to get in to surgery.

The night walk back to the hotel was chilly. A wind coming so strong head on. Almost in any direction you turned. The wind was a messenger and it had bad news to give and there was nowhere I could hide from it.

Lucky died when the vets tried to save her. The colon had already teared and she was put to sleep as there was no other option. I think I am still in shock about it all and it probably won’t sink in until I see her stable.

The next day the wind kept bringing us bad news. Our 3 children that have (knock on wood) been healthy this fall went to school in the morning. After about 1 hour in school, the headmaster of Happy Faces called me up. “Oh hello Emelie, nothing to worry about but….”
It turns out it’s Millie, and she has conjunctivitis. Trying to get hold of someone in Mallorca to go and pick up Millie turned out to be a special task.

Just keep bringing us all the bad luck won’t you?

In the evening we went to “Ryttar Galan” a yearly event in Sweden for the horse community! We were sat at the H&M table and Dan got Malin Bayard sitting right next to him. I could tell the tale about my unfortunate last year for other horse lovers around our table. It was a brilliant evening and a first time for me to see and talk to a lot of my old buddies!

Sweden calmed down over the next couple of days as we drove around planning next years Vätternrundan. Dan has 40 spaces for clients of his next year.

I had almost forgotten about how tired I can get until we flew back to Mallorca again. After the plane landed in Barcelona my energy had gone down into the minus. 2 more degrading wheelchair runs before I at last sat in Scarlet the car. Dan had somewhere managed to find and consume nearly 1kg of chocolate! Man can he talk for England when he has a sugar rush!

On Sunday it’s 1st of advent and Dan is starting a new non-sweety non-biscuity pre-Christmas. He has 2 days to go before he starts so he has the intent to really go for it!

Millie had more temperature when we landed in Mallorca. I was finally home and at least with a husband high on sugar that proved to be yet another great use for that sweet energy, as I don’t have any.

Keep Smiling 🙂 We will miss you Lucky you were one in a million but I am so thankful and feel blessed to have known you! Rest in peace my love xxx

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