Hold head high even easier with less hair!

For months now I have been in a semi exclusion zone of disable-ness, hard for people to see or understand.

Only when I’ve been in hospital or in a wheelchair people could understand my trauma, or at least acting as if they did. Now after 2 weeks Physio therapy I am starting to feel more like me again! The combination with me driving again is full on brilliant!

When it comes to horses, I am beginning to feel a bit more switched on again. It’s true I have not yet come to a decision of what I want to do but I am getting clearer vibes. My energies are starting to sort themselves out.

So winter has arrived here in quite a fashion. Continuous rain for 5 days. Overflowing swimming pools, wet ponies and roof leaks. When it rains in Mallorca it’s got a determination to it. It RAINS! The other night we ordered a Chinese take away for dinner and when the food arrived it was pouring down like someone was emptying out bathtubs of water. The poor delivery boy was on a scooter. The food was delicious and how he even found us in the rain is beyond me. Finding us with hot delicious food really gave him some brownie points. I served him a piping hot coffee and let him stay until whoever was doing the bathtub emptying had grown tired of the wildness of the wet.

My life has started to speed up again. I am not spending any time on the sofa so I am not as updated on all news and sport as I have been in the last couple of months. I know that England have started out well in the Ashes. I know my horse Ayton won the big class in Aintree and other than that not so much. It’s not such a bad thing, not keeping updated. Life is full of surprises all of a sudden.

Today I decided to change my appearance. I have gone from blond to pink to blond to pink to blond and now I am… Well it’s winter now so I am a winter color! And I’ve had a very sharp haircut as well. Basically I allowed the hairdresser to do all decision making and I think it looks alright! I can’t recognize me so neither will you!

Now on my second last day of torture/Physio therapy and they are all amazed at my progress! I can almost straighten out my arm fully. And when Isa(real name)/Dolores(what I call her) is doing her probing I don’t actually mind too much. It has been a rough couple of weeks but now I am almost fully recovered!

My wonderful family have been such support! Although they are maybe not so nice to each other. Mel decided to give Millie a short boy haircut, not leaving a single curly lock for us to enjoy. She did it a day before the yearly school photo will be taken. I wouldn’t have minded so much if she could wear something girly, but for school photo they change all kids in to Happy Face uniforms… She will look like a very pretty boy.

It has happened before. Myrna cut of Mel’s luscious curls, but luckily that time it was 2 days AFTER an important event. Their christening.

Keep smiling 🙂 this activity has shown it clearer than many, you heal through pain and electric shocks!



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