First day of snow

We can see snow, in the mountains that is! Poor poor horses just clipped for the winter training.

Travel back from Sweden via Denmark and Austria to end up in Mallorca went well! I am put on mobility service around all the airports and thank god for that! I think average plane travelers must walk close to half marathons, just to get to their flight… If they have connecting flights good luck to them! I have never before seen what distances there are but I am amazed now that distance matters so much!

Another thing I have noticed on my travels is that anyone driving a wheelchair is prone to sing along. It really gets a little annoying after getting sung to by 6 different mobility care centre people. No one was in tune. No one sang a song I could sing along with and out of the 6, I would say only one was bearable to listen to. Ok I see where they come from, caring people that want to entertain their “patients”. Although the very opposite might happen. They should be taught this in care school as somewhere someone will pass out or die due to a carer singing falsely to a Rikki Martin song!

Also it’s clear a lot of care takers on airports clearly have not passed a driving test! The amounts of pillars just missed and steps grazed added a bit of excitement to my journey!

I’m back home now! It’s so wonderful! We were supposed to go camping this weekend! In the mountains… Well there is snow up there now! So camping will be slightly changed and we are country buffing it instead… We will BBQ and grill marsh mallows and by the end of it we might put up a tent or two in the garden. Well it’s as close to camping as I think this weather allows!

I am yet again finding me in Physio. Today they really went for it with massaging and stretching. I think someone might have read this and return the favor by torturing me now! Never mind a bit of torture will only make me stronger! Then after the pulling on the joints they put me in the magnet pipe and give me some more shocks. I will become super woman after this! I wonder what my kryptonite will be?

One more week of Physio and then I will need the green light from my doctor to start back riding. I am now slightly getting past The Crash Reel experience. I almost emailed Kevin Pearce to tell him what bother the movie had made for me. Then half of me goes back in to blank mode. The mode where I feel rather excluded from my life. Now the pain from electric shocks are bringing me back to life. And any thoughts of emailing a poor ex snowboarder slowly leaves me.

Keep Smiling 🙂 there will be small wonders to discover and learn from, even in the smallest space!

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