November is here

And so the world continues turning. Days are flying past us, cocky days flaunting themselves but somehow untouchable.
It feels like we are treading water. To move forward seams like a huge effort. On the same time I meet people and they all say:-“wow! You look well!!” So that means I can’t look as non-moving as I feel?
October flew by. It was so hot! The kids were all in school and the clocks “fell” backwards. In fall they fall apparently in spring they spring forward so the fall has now landed with wintertime wedged and slowing us down a little more.
Working with horses in wintertime with summer heat is a new experience for me. Even when you start pretty early you just don’t have time to finish working all horses in “pleasant” heat. I normally start around 8.30 and by 10.30 it was already +30 degrees with standing still air and humidity… One feels for the horses but now we have had the first 2 days of torrential rain and the heat has come down to a more pleasant 20-22 degrees.
My facial blindness is totally freaking me out some days. I can be introduced to a person and have a full on conversation with them and meet them the next day wearing something different and I just won’t know it’s them… Scary! I feel maybe it’s like Alzheimer? Details of conversations people insists we have had, so it might not only be a facial recognition problem, it could be a general lack of short term memory? Why stop at sort term? I don’t remember much long term either. My vocabulary has shrunk. Not only in English, but Swedish as well. I hope not to dull my writing due to my sparse vocab, but it’s a clear worry so I excuse my lack of exuberant words.
But as the time flies by, people think I look good! That I take as a note that they can’t see my disabilities any more, and this is from people that know what to look for when they meet me!
I have continued to travel without wheelchair assistance and I feel like a grown up! Ok I can admit I miss some of the wheel chair assistant drivers/pushers that gently sung their ways straight pass my inner ear drums to torture and wrench any dignity out of Celine Dion songs… Why oh who do they insist on howling tunes by the Canadian?
I will leave you now with some cheery thoughts! One month and 6 days until Santa Lucia and 47 days until Christmas!

Keep Smiling 🙂 grab your inner fears and scrutinize, if you let go and just feel for a bit, all will be well.