How looks can deceive.

It’s the end of February. 2016. It’s been a year since my cancer diagnosis and 3 1/2 year since my accident. I do apparently look normal to most people! Or personal favorite “really well”! Does this mean I look a little bit porky? I think so. But maybe not for too much longer.

Two weeks ago I started the SSS90 with The Body Coach in London. Shape, shift and sustain and it’s gonna go on for a whole 90 days. I am on day 17 today. I wanted to get back to the old me. The system is quite cleverly built up containing training as well as diet. I’ll tell you now it’s not for everybody. It takes a lot of planning. But once you are up and running it’s pretty fun! Atleast I love the HIIT training (high intensity interval training) and all the food is great! 

The biggest difference so far unfortunately is lower energy levels. I guess you can’t get it all, and in my case I’ve started to slowly accept that now. For me the daily struggles becomes just that when I run out of energy. It’s hard to do anything when tired. Even speaking is hard. Luckily I’ve now realized I’ve just got to take it easy or even better go to bed for an hour. 

Most of the time people think I just look normal. This would be seen as something positive. The problem is that no one ever sees me struggling. Partly because I won’t let them and partly because I look “normal” mostly. My two biggest horrors at the moment is 

1. Facial blindness. Parents at our kids school get a little of this every time I meet “new parents”. I can’t categorize or see patterns in faces anymore. Unless they have very distinctive features or wear jewellry that I can recognize or if I can hear them speak. That in combination with tiredness can be fun! It doesn’t apply to people I knew before 2012. Strange!

2.Double vision. Still here. But only if I try and jump my horses or if I am tired. I can now just close one eye and I have developed quite a good sense of depth with one eye! This means I can now jump again!

So I guess all in all I should be thankful for not looking like a freak! (Or more of a freak than I naturally am!) I accidentally posted this a bit early and do feel like it sounded a little bit depressed! Couldn’t be further from the truth! I am smashing my HIIT training before breakfast and I can now do an impressive set of burpees!

Keep smiling! 

Tel Aviv cultural journey

I’m so sorry I haven’t updated you all for such a long time. Normally this means that I am feeling fine and just not have time to write anything as sitting still for more than a few minutes really does not become me.

January was amazing weather wise with temperature reaching over 20 most every day. The almond trees that normally bloom at the end of February/beginning of March already started blooming in the middle of January! I do feel a little worried over the water situation, Dan passed the mountain lakes on one of his bike rides yesterday and he reported back of the draught, small islands were spotted in the middle of the lake where there haven’t been islands before.

In January I had another appointment with my oncologist. Everything looked good! And apart from my manky nails and strange weight gain, I have nothing to complain about… Well I also get very tired sometimes, but then again so does 70% of all adults I know… I decided to do something about it.

I contacted “The body coach” in the UK. He is a personal trainer turned health guru that will sort out lots of body issues/ food issues with people ready to challenge themselves. I have now started my first week of 90SSS(shape, shift, sustain). It’s 90 days training and food management. For me it’s excellent and all I need to do is buy ingredients and cook my meals ahead! Tonight Dan and I had a chicken and cashew curry with coriander and ginger! Dan had it with rice and I had it with spinach. It was delicious! We will see if it will shift my “chemoweight”, I will atleast give it 90 days, we will see…

Training wise, other than riding my 4 beautiful horses every day I do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) 5-6 days /week and as both me and Dan are members at Palma tennis, we go there for cross fit or pilates classes. Well even though I on a scale am between 10-18kg overweight at least I’m a fit fatto! Not many people can keep up with me, hence I have to sometimes stop myself and sit down, if only to write this blog or catch up on news.

Last weekend me and a few friends flew to Tel Aviv to celebrate one of my best friends Lisen turning 40! Other than a few hen nights/trips I have never before travelled on a girls trip! The extra special was that one of our friends live and work in Tel Aviv and when it comes to art, she knows everything one needs to know! Sandra had put together a weekend program for us and it was incredible!!! From start to finish filled up with Israeli treasures such as the modern dance company to the private guided tours of artists studios! The food was also incredible! As I knew I was going to start my 90SSS this week so I enjoyed all the food and beverages that were on offer!

Tel Aviv has now firmly casted an imprint on my heart and I feel this is somewhere I would love to return! With my family next time!

Keep smiling 🙂 many more glorious days to be had in this new Chinese year of the gold monkey!