Merry Christmas and a healthy new year!

I’m so sorry to keep you all in the dark for so long yet again! Well if I do it again it’s only because I’m busy living my life and doing things that might seam ordinary to some, but to me becomes the vital beacon of recovery!

Status on knee: I’m back riding now, between 3-8horses per day. Knee feels ok. Had a stupid incident where I stepped backwards and twisted my knee a little. Got Some pain at the back of the knee and was told by my strict PT Flor that I wasn’t allowed to train on machines without her and by my even stricter physio Nerea, that I shouldn’t do any lower body workout, running or dancing… riding was not disallowed! I got some tape to tape knee with and some exercises for the upper body.

Now we are in the UK! Celebrated first Swedish Christmas yesterday on the 24/12 and English Christmas today. I have managed to do some HIIT training that doesn’t involve too much legs and hope this will keep the kilos from sticking on my happily celebrated frame.

The day after boxing day we are going away to the sun! As I have promised a lot of people I won’t ski badly for a while longer, we have decided on going for a holiday in the sun. I’m not sure I will survive doing nothing for 10 days, but here goes trying!

Keep smiling! 🙂 a new year brings plenty of new opportunities!