Back to work 

As I’ve written here before I can feel more and more in control of my own life!

I have been to Germany a second time in two weeks, this time only going without children, instead with clients to look for potential young horses.

It’s been 3 days of intense work. We have travelled over most of north Germany and Holland. It’s been back to the good ole’times before all the rubbish things that has surrounded me for the last 3,5 years.

In all, I realized something the day before yesterday. It’s not something easy to say but I am incredibly proud of myself right now. I keep to my SSS90 plan quite rigorously. It’s hard in Germany -a land that appreciates carbs a bit more than other countries. But this journey I’ve been up to do my HIITraining every morning, even today when it meant getting up at 05:15.

I got to see my beautiful 2 year old stallion! He loose jumped for the second time in his life! Clarissimo is by Clarimo-Diarado and he sure looks like an absolute star for the future! It’s so nice to see that he had impeccable manners on top of being such a talented show jumper! All credit to Imke who is taking such excellent care of him!

Leaving Germany is a bit sad, but I will try and come back as soon as I can!

We have seen so many horses with potential that buying 7 or 8 would not be a problem, it’s narrowing it down to 1 that’s the hard bit. Luxury problem I say.

Keep smiling 🙂 sometimes it’s when you stop and go back a bit, you find yourself, make sense and be nice!

Sometimes I get lost for words

Not very often. But it sometimes happens. 

After everything that happened not only last year but in the three years before that I have updated you here on my “progress” or the lack of it. It’s such a brilliant tool to have so I don’t have to repeat my story over and over again, and sometimes I realize that what I write matters to some of you.

In December I was asked: -What are your initials?

-Eh, it’s ECM, what do you need them for?

-It will soon be revealed….

The question came from my friend Mel that lives in Zambia. Months went by and I forgot about the whole thing then on the 28/2 I finally were sent these pictures and it was all revealed. 

Mel then wrote me this message:

Here are pictures of my new bicycle 

I love cycling … Get a bit of head clearance . Had it sprayed pink … Not just because I love pink but for any charity races I’ll do for Breast cancer . I will finish all races … Because regardless how tired I get I just need to look down on my cross bar and See 3 of the most amazing people’s initials on my bike and know I must carry on and not give up. 

There’s a cycle in Mauritius I’d quite like to go on … 310km … To be completed In a few days so it’s not that bad ! Trying to get the forms on line is a pain in the bum!!! 

Hope you are all well ! 

Love to all xxx

That made me sit up and think. I was really touched by this and I was not only speechless I was equally “write-less”, I mean how do you reply to such an incredible thought? If I can help her finishing the races by just being there virtually and spiritually that will be equally awesome! Mel I am a pretty good handler of whips as well so just remember that! I would use said virtual whipping as a positive forward peddling! You shall finish all your races and not only that, you shall enjoy them as well!

Keep smiling 🙂 today I am removing 2 wisdom teeth! Tomorrow I might wake up stupid! Enjoy what you have while it lasts! 

Berlin in springtime

I have gone against the SSS90 and come to Berlin to celebrate my cousin turning 40. Out with any low carb meals for this 4 day trip, I don’t think Germany and low carb ever will go hand in hand!

The first 30 days of the SSS90 plan has gone alright. I don’t think the food has contained enough energy for the amount of high power living I’m addicted to. But I have been promised my next 30 days will be higher in carb or atleast should give me more energy, he who lives shall see…

Berlin in spring is an awesome place to be, the crocuses are in bloom and yesterday we went to the Berlin inner city zoo where we found an Okapi! Beautiful Okapis! I’m now reminded of my wish to start an Okapi sanctuary in Mallorca. It would be the most amazing place to breed Okapis!

Otherwise in world of me, I’ve travelled solo with 3 girls and that went amazingly well! As long as I can have an hour or two every afternoon to relax I am more or less human! I will have to try and remember to ask oncologist about weight. Even though I’ve been on this fairly hardcore training and food plan. I had hoped I would loose more weight, I didn’t, but it might be because of the nasty meds I’m still on… We will see.

Keep smiling 🙂 the Okapis in the world are beautiful