Sometimes I get lost for words

Not very often. But it sometimes happens. 

After everything that happened not only last year but in the three years before that I have updated you here on my “progress” or the lack of it. It’s such a brilliant tool to have so I don’t have to repeat my story over and over again, and sometimes I realize that what I write matters to some of you.

In December I was asked: -What are your initials?

-Eh, it’s ECM, what do you need them for?

-It will soon be revealed….

The question came from my friend Mel that lives in Zambia. Months went by and I forgot about the whole thing then on the 28/2 I finally were sent these pictures and it was all revealed. 

Mel then wrote me this message:

Here are pictures of my new bicycle 

I love cycling … Get a bit of head clearance . Had it sprayed pink … Not just because I love pink but for any charity races I’ll do for Breast cancer . I will finish all races … Because regardless how tired I get I just need to look down on my cross bar and See 3 of the most amazing people’s initials on my bike and know I must carry on and not give up. 

There’s a cycle in Mauritius I’d quite like to go on … 310km … To be completed In a few days so it’s not that bad ! Trying to get the forms on line is a pain in the bum!!! 

Hope you are all well ! 

Love to all xxx

That made me sit up and think. I was really touched by this and I was not only speechless I was equally “write-less”, I mean how do you reply to such an incredible thought? If I can help her finishing the races by just being there virtually and spiritually that will be equally awesome! Mel I am a pretty good handler of whips as well so just remember that! I would use said virtual whipping as a positive forward peddling! You shall finish all your races and not only that, you shall enjoy them as well!

Keep smiling 🙂 today I am removing 2 wisdom teeth! Tomorrow I might wake up stupid! Enjoy what you have while it lasts! 

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