Back being me!

It’s odd, as I drive myself and clients around the north of England looking at horses and planning flights to get to Stockholm, I have to stop myself for a while, this is me, again! I’m alive! 

For some of you it might seam like a stupid thing to do. To push myself so early after an major operation, not to give myself a safetynet to fall into, if I was to fall. But I guess this is how I’m designed. If I can push, I keep pushing.

I know I’ve only “been back” for a couple of weeks, if that, but I feel as strong and energized as I was before all this years hardships. So for me a combined trip to look for new horses for clients as well as myself in combination with flying to Stockholm to watch my 7 year old jump at Sweden International Horse Show, it seamed like the most ingenious idea! Especially as there were direct flights from Manchester to Stockholm as well as direct flight from Stockholm to Palma! Faith had this trip inscripted in the skies!

We found the perfect jumping partner for my client and we proved it today by allowing him to jump at a real show! Clear round and fabulous awesomeness all round. As I was early arriving at the airport to fly to Sweden, I sat down to try and download my emails and get more or less updated on things from my real world. It was so lovely to meet John Whittaker who also is flying out to the SIHS in Friends arena starting tomorrow.

Respect! He is an inspiration for everyone! As he has turned 60 years this year he has almost had as good a year resultwise as he has ever had. He is jumping 2 horses at the show and it will be amazing to see him! He has become a grand father since I saw him last and I got an update on his three children who I don’t really ever meet now that I live in Spain. 

My trip also involves spending time with some of my amazing cousins! They are my closests friends. It can sometimes feel a bit far away to live in Mallorca especially when you feel the need to hug them! 

As the plane now flies over Surahammar (Sour-hammer) my thoughts go to another friend I haven’t seen for a while as she has been traveling the world working on a yacht. She should be back in Mallorca now and if she by any chance reads this please come and see me when I am back!

On the not so good page of surviving this cancer palaver are my nails. They are beyond disgusting on my toes and beyond brittleness on my fingers. I really need to take something to improve the sorry state of them… Any advises are appreciated!

Keep smiling 🙂 when you are lucky enough to travel, for work or pleasure, you are lucky enough!  


Survival hike

I am surrounded by extraordinary people. A friend of mine Villi had offered to cook dinner for me as a celebration of finishing all my treatments. Dan had recommended that instead of dinner we should do a picknick after a wonderous walk in Mallorca with some friends. So the survival hike was arranged!

We all got picked up from Palma and driven up to Deia to start our hike along the GR221, which is the trail that goes all the way from Andrax to Pollenca. We were only going to trail the approximate 10 km from Deia to Port de Soller.

It was a wonderful day with the bluest sky possible! In the end we were 5 girls walking. Along the trail we met some people that actually lived there! I’m not sure how they got their stuff there unless they used a donkey but were we got invited for an orange juice was pretty special! 

We managed to get to the beach of Port de Soller were Dan had set up a five star picknick in front of Esplendido hotel! The food and company was excellent! Thank you thank you thank you! For being part of my life especially during the last three of years when the “hike” of life hasn’t been so easy. The Survival hike will now defenitly become a once bi-monthal happening! Next hike will be in January! 

Keep smiling 🙂 apparently you only need two muscles to smile! You need a lot more to walk as my body is evidence of right now!   



Detoxing becomes me

It’s true, detox gives me green superpower for energy and stamina! I am not sure other detoxers do as much as me whilst on the detox but as I’m a little special, I have the special superpower given to me by the awesome green juices from Ziva.

This is day 7 of an all green juice detox. I’m not allowed for medical reasons to do it any longer. It’s not recommended anyway. So what I have been up to during this detox is plenty. I’ve done yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), vibration plate and hiking. Yesterday we went for a hike outside puigpunyent and we nearly got to the coast! A hilly adventure and we walked for over 7 kilometers! My partners to the hike were Dan and our dog Jack. Not sure who enjoyed it the most. It was awesome!

The glow on my face is obvious to lots of people. Today a record of 9 people commented on how healthy I look! That’s not bad for a cancer sufferer/TBI victim! We hope we have chased away the cancer and the toxins killing the cancer from my body. I can recommend the detox to anyone that wants to clear their system. This time I lost 3kg in one week.

Keep smiling 🙂 if there is a road, walk it! 


Sleepless in S’tabliments

I’m back home! There is nothing like it in so many ways! The closeness to all of my family as well as the things I know and use and my little sofa buddy Jack!

The only downfall would be that I’m not very good at sleeping any more. This is the third night on the trot where I wake up for no reason and cannot go back to sleep. I got an extra hour tonight which makes me positive that I might get an extra hour tomorrow Etc… I’m a fool. Unfortunately I think that I won’t sleep before I tackle some real life problems, such as paperwork that was supposed to be in by beginning of October. I wonder how I can be so awake at such a rubbish hour, even more I wonder how I have become such a useless individual when it comes to the basic things in life.

Halloween has been and gone. I must admit this year I had below average energy to put into getting dressed up and go to the schools yearly party. Partly because I can’t remember who anyone is on a normal day, add a bit of fancy dress and I have no chance. We went. Dan was dressed as Mr Marshmallows from the Ghostbusters film. I was dressed as a nun. I should have been a vampire nun but as the fake blood tasted like rotten feet I decided to cop out and just be a nun. The girls got dressed up as pumpkins, vampires and an angel that liked blood… Let’s hope next year will be as good as this year! It was a lovely gathering and it really was an event for the kids, not like the years before that I thought was more aimed at the older crowd.

I have been back at the stable twice. I can ride in 25 days…(not that I’m counting) all the horses look good and hopefully they should behave in the weeks that come. 

I’ve become a little bit of a complainer. About life and little things. I nag. It’s not nice. I know that I’ve been though a lot of things, but I should hold my head high, chin up. I don’t think complaining about silly things such as lack of sleep will get me anywhere, well it probably won’t get me anywhere, but atleast readers of this blog can understand why I am a little bit cranky… Sorry! 

I feel that I’ve lost my skill of writing. I used to have it but it’s like my short term memory is almost gone, it took away my skill of assembling sentances. It’s a nick you either have or not. Sadly I seem to have lost it… Dan thinks it could be because of the post radiation and mid flu tiredness… I don’t know but I excuse my bad language until I get energized again!

Keep smiling 🙂 even when you have lost your way a little you will end up seeing new things!