Survival hike

I am surrounded by extraordinary people. A friend of mine Villi had offered to cook dinner for me as a celebration of finishing all my treatments. Dan had recommended that instead of dinner we should do a picknick after a wonderous walk in Mallorca with some friends. So the survival hike was arranged!

We all got picked up from Palma and driven up to Deia to start our hike along the GR221, which is the trail that goes all the way from Andrax to Pollenca. We were only going to trail the approximate 10 km from Deia to Port de Soller.

It was a wonderful day with the bluest sky possible! In the end we were 5 girls walking. Along the trail we met some people that actually lived there! I’m not sure how they got their stuff there unless they used a donkey but were we got invited for an orange juice was pretty special! 

We managed to get to the beach of Port de Soller were Dan had set up a five star picknick in front of Esplendido hotel! The food and company was excellent! Thank you thank you thank you! For being part of my life especially during the last three of years when the “hike” of life hasn’t been so easy. The Survival hike will now defenitly become a once bi-monthal happening! Next hike will be in January! 

Keep smiling 🙂 apparently you only need two muscles to smile! You need a lot more to walk as my body is evidence of right now!   



5 thoughts on “Survival hike

  1. Hej Emelie! Jag googlade ditt namn och hittade bloggen via Lisen Bratts blogg. SĂ„ roligt att se dig. Du ser ut att vara lika sprallig och glad som jag minns dig!TrĂ„kigt att lĂ€sa att du har och har haft det sĂ„ tufft med hĂ€lsan. Jag hĂ„ller tummarna för ett snabbt tillfrisknande. Du fĂ„r gĂ€rna maila mig sĂ„ kan vi prata mer. MĂ„nga kramar frĂ„n “Annchi”.

  2. Your special “day to remember” and blog made me cry – happy cry, of course.
    I am a little confused, you said you were 5 girls walking, “spot the difference”, one of them has a beard!

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