Oh Liverpool in the cold!

It’s freezing but I am still awake! No sleeping during the entire day!

I have travelled to the UK for this week and I knew that it would feel cold and I prepared with thick sustainable clothing… It’s still in my bag at the hotel… I am sat in a freezing cold indoor hall, wearing what I was wearing in Mallorca this morning. I’m cold.

But here is the tricky bit, I am still awake! As in fully awake, and not just a hanging in there awake, I am fully aware of self and surrounding. I am here!

Horses have been jumping fabulous and being placed and everything. Now just one more to jump today in Aintree. Then I can find my clothes and my hotel room and prepare for the day tomorrow. The ozone is still active!

Keep smiling 🙂 if you are in a cold place put on warmer clothes

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