Why one should be sleeping at this hour

Please someone inform this body of mine at the tender hours say from midnight until six one should sleep. This is the core for any recuperation especially for someone recovering from various ailments.

The wolf hours are so mean. In a normal hour when you think about anything, there  is reason and you can easily weigh up and compare different solutions for projects. In the wee hours of wolf there is just black and white. Doubt and distress. I’m naturally such a positive spirit and I have never really been “awake-er ” at this time in morning until now, but after a few weeks of natural 2:30am awakeness even I have begun to wonder.

In the hours of wolf, your mind plays trickery on you. Wilting away my natural resources of mind over matter. It’s strange, especially as lying here now I know for a fact that none of the things that bother me now will not bother me tomorrow morning. 

Actually I’m doing really great normally from normal morning until about 6:30pm then I feel these awaking hours. I go to bed roughly at the same time as the girls so atleast it gives me a 3-4 hours solid sleep before wolf… I think that’s how I’m still able to do so much. 

I have been known to have a strong will and sometimes a “temper” but I’m not especially proud of my swearing in front of kids and have donated €15 to the swear-pot. We have decided to do something fun with the money of said swear pot so it looks like it will be something really fun if this no sleeping palaver continuous…

It should be 10 cents per swear word so we are talking easily €1000 by the end of next week…

Keep smiling 🙂 at least writing about it makes you worry less about other things! Although the worries about lost words continues… I’m sure I am losing not only Swedish but also English words, Alzheimer’s light…

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