Christmas around the corner

For many this is the time of the year! Festivities, family gatherings, food, spirituality! You can go as far as you’d like getting into the Christmas flow, I get tired just thinking about it all!

The tiredness is unfortunately the number one thing that makes me feel not 100%. I had my Herceptin injunction last week on Wednesday and it in combination with my insomnia has really set the standard for space faced living… Sounds like fun? Basically imagine this: you feel ok enough to do something simple. But in a heartbeat all your energy is drained from you, making it hard even to stand up. Driving is out of the question, riding also… But it does get better. After 5 days now and I was back to being more or less me, after 7 days back on high speed full on living.

Even though I have the beautiful capability of waking up close to 2am every morning and often can’t manage to fall back to sleep, I still manage to be more or less fine all day! I’ve been by my lonesome since Monday and I’ve managed really well coping with the challenge of 3 children’s separate play and sports schedules even though I mostly only get 3-5 hours of sleep/night.

My week in so far:

Monday: Busy day at stable and school. Sleep 22-1:45 and 3-5:45

Tuesday: Girls play tennis. Sleep 22:30-2:04 

Wednesday: Christmas party at stable! Girls parties after school, 3 separate venues… Sleep 23-3:15 

Thursday: Busy day, dentist, accountant year end duties.. Sleep 22:30-1:30 and 3-5.03 then I heard the biggest bang from the house that could either be a burglary going slightly wrong or my children. Was joined in bed by burglar number 1 around 5:43 and number 2 at 6:07. Number 3 stayed in bed until 6:15 so when my alarm  that was set to wake us up we were already downstairs having breakfast.

Insomnia can be a bit of a drag sometimes, but if you can read you can get lots of things read

Keep smiling 🙂 Never curse the fact you are waking up early, remember you are STILL waking up! 


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