Slowly but surely

I have started this blog, over 40 times, then I got to a place, about 4-10 lines down where I either got up to do something, or my trail of thought wilted… That’s how it often ends up, I start off something only to be stopped in the middle of it, a sentances for example, and then I have no idea what I was talking about or what I was about to do. It’s frustrating but the blessing of it is that I totally forget about it being annoying as well.

All in all January is going by slowly but surely! We are packing as much in as possible! Now we have 6 days in the UK for a combined pleasure and hospital trip. We started off last Thursday, flew into Stansted and drove to Southwold on the east coast of England. We were there to celebrate my mother in laws 70’s birthday! It was a very ambitious plan of bringing some 20 odd people together. And to do it in Southwold, a really charming village off the Suffolk coast. 

We enjoyed a lot of eating and drinking. The morning swims in the north sea were mostly fantasized about, but we did a lot of beach strolling, running and an 8 km walk to a “nearby” pub. The Adnams brewery that is located in the middle of the village has a couple of splendid pubs to showcase both their brewing skills of the ale and bitter variety, as well as their fish and chips! I’m quite the critic when it comes to such important issues as fish and chips. It was defenitly the best fish and chips I’ve had since moving abroad 6 years ago! It might even have been the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. I would go back solely for the cod! Even though Southwold had so much to offer. It was a weekend full of fun and activities found at the “under the pier” show! I was nominated the true champion of the zimmerframe challenge! A game where you have to pass 2 very busy roads on a zimmerframe! Oh how we laughed! Dan accidentally crashed into a car and the ambulance arrived with oxygen and cones to restrict the road. Let me see if I can find a photo from the game! Pure awesomeness and another point to go back some time!

There was a great dinner at the Swan hotel where a “male stripper strip-o-gram” dressed as Olof (the snowman from Frozen the movie) turned out to be Dan.

Now we have gone to London, and in trying to get as much as possible in our journey, yesterday’s day looked like this:

8am rental car back to Hertz

9am spinning at Psycle

12-5 meetings, lunch and shopping

5pm cinema, watched the Mockingjay part 2. So awesome!

8pm walked passed Eddie Izzards live on stage comedy show held at the Palace in Soho. We went to the box office and by chance got 2 tickets for the show! Pure brilliance for a good 3 hours!!! I have sore sides today, from laughing so much, I think rather than the spinning!

Today has been as busy. We started a bit earlier due to doctor appointments so spinning started at 7:30am, then followed by scans and appointments with oncologist and Herceptin injection. Now I’ve come back to Max at Micheal Johns hair dresser in Mayfair! He was the hair dresser that so kindly cut my hair to its first really short hair do, to prepare me for my spell of baldom. It’s been quite emotional as Max still kept the thank you card I gave him last year.

Now he has been given free reins to create! He is an excellent hair dresser so I’m looking forward to the result!

Tonight we will go and see the Irish band The Corrs at the Birmingham NEC. They have had a break for a few years and tonight it’s their premiere concert for their UK tour.

Tomorrow we are flying back home, can’t wait to see my little girls! I hope they will still recognize me even though I’ve had the new hairdo!

Keep smiling 🙂 find the positive in everything! 


3 thoughts on “Slowly but surely

  1. Dear Emelie,
    I was pretty tired following the weekend in Southwold but reading what you have been up to since makes me feel totally exhausted. Thanks for coming and making it such fun – another time please try and find a better photo of me! Dix

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