Back on board

My lovely 4 legged friends. The ones I have been told not to get back on before 29/11 I managed to stay off them until 30/11! But I’ve been back riding since Monday and other than a very sore bottom and other muscles in my body that are somewhat surprised by the sudden onslaught of high intensity excersise, I feel whole again!

I am surrounded by people worrying about me overdoing it again and I am just making sure I do everything as right as I can. Monday and Tuesday I rode 3 horses and today I rode 4. Dan asked me -Do you think the doctors meant that when they told you that you could start riding again you should get on as many as you could as soon as possible? My answer was just a look I think…

I feel fine. Other than I actually don’t have much feeling over Bella and my belly. I feel fine enough to make lazy vacation mode horses realize their mum is back and it’s time for action! I think the poor horses have had a few wake up days! Looking forward to see what else we can do tomorrow!

On top of the riding I have become a member of a gym! It’s great to do other excersise as well, and hopefully I’ll be fit very soon! Even though I’m in bed most nights before or around 9pm, I still tend to wake up around 2:30 am. The last two nights I haven’t been able to go back to sleep. This morning was the worst. A nightmare turned into actual doubting. Then not far off that was the opening of distant possibilities of more negativity. Those thoughts should be banned. Especially at that time of night…

Although somehow through it all I always manage to stay grounded, my feet firmly on floor. Luckily I was born with slightly flat duck like feet, so they are good to balance on!

Keep smiling 🙂 tomorrow comes quicker than you think! 


One thought on “Back on board

  1. Take care! We all want those family duck-feet To go on dancing over The worlds surface. LOTs Of strengthening Love!

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