Welcome October let’s start living again!

I have to be very careful with my knee…. or at least very careful of what I write about how careful I am with said knee.

September came and went, and with that I could also start back riding again! It was awesome! It’s like my body is made to sit on a horse. For hours on end, I have no problem, the knee stays flexible and no soreness!

Then October came. For the last 5 years the beginning of this month and especially the 3/10, always lie as a dark shadow over the family. I feel the thoughts of the what if’s and the why’s of every year when I think about the first accident is keeping me in some kind of limbo.

Now instead, I started back jumping on my horses on the 3/10 and I jumped all of my horses properly on the 4/10! It felt amazing. Even though I’m a little over weight from the 9 months of rehab otherwise it was great! The best thing out of all of that is that until today’s date, 5/10 I have not given the 3/10 a thought! Not one!!! I have lived my life, got on with doing what I do without reflecting back on times before. It doesn’t even feel the slightest weird. It’s like I’m allowed to live again, without the accident cloud tarnishing everything I do.

September brought a lot of figs to the farm! We are blessed with 15 of these gorgeous sweet treat trees. We have now had figs for 5 weeks!!! Unbelievable!

When will I be back jumping at shows? Good question! The feisty competitive me says SOON!!! The slightly conservative placid me thinks November, or maybe even next year!

Keep smiling 🙂 a world without figtrees to climb would be a lot more boring and less sweet!

One thought on “Welcome October let’s start living again!

  1. Does nothing daunt you Emelie ?
    It looks like there is almost room up there for a select party.
    Maybe it’s the figs that helped you through that tricky date, either way good luck with your journey to jumping again.

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