Weekend in Mallorca +20 degrees!

Well we have all heard about the chilly north of Europe. Snow, wind and cold. Minus 20 in Sweden at some points and minus 6 in the UK.

Well here it’s pretty warm to the point that you can’t wear a simple jacket if you go out for a walk outdoors, heaven!

My movement is not improving as fast as I would like. I guess a little better every day is better than no difference but it frustrates me a little.

Yesterday Dan went to England again to see his dad. We went out for a walk with the 4 dogs and 3 girls. We went to Chopin’s house (a house where Chopin had stayed over a winter)as it’s so close to our house.

I was really warm and the dogs kept escaping and upsetting neighbouring dogs. Thank god they listen when you shout at them and they all got caught before they got eaten by one of the bigger hounds.

Today we walked over to our neighbours for their sons 4 year old party. I drunk 3 cups of coffee and eat lots of olives. It was all ok until we decided to leave due to tired children. As we were leaving I took a walk through the living room and hall way, not realising the difference of height on the floors as well as the spread of toys. As I fell my way through the living space I heard things crushing under my feet as I was trying to stay upright. As I smashed into their glass front door I managed to stay on my feet but I didn’t dare to stay and assess the damage I had managed to spread. Oh dear. I have become one of these persons that people will not want to invite to their houses as I won’t even know when I do damage to peoples property….

My left side has received an oil to improve the sensation, but so far no improvement… I have got bad skin on my left side of face as well…. oh and to follow on with weird things happening to me yesterday I tried to put my ear rings back in but in my righr ear you can’t even see that I have ever had a hole. In the left ear where I had 2 holes before you can sort of see one but it’s not open for any ear rings. After an attempt that left my fingers bloody and the hole no more open I decided to ask my friends on Facebook if they had heard this happening to other people. The answers back were not giving me any indication on this being a “normal” occurrence. I also asked my neighbour today as he is a doctor. He said it must have something to do with what I was treated with in hospital.

We walked home as we were all getting tired except maybe Nicola. When we got home we watched Ice Age 4, then the girls wanted to go out for a bike ride and I fancied falling asleep. Instead I watched “Sahara” a movie with Penolope Cruz in from 2005. It was awesome! Like a modern take on Indiana Jones! Loved it, but then double vision hit me and film watching and writing was made difficult.

Never mind!

I have to find things that I can do on my own to stay fit. I have come up with nothing so far. Paddle surfing will be ok in the summer I think. Running is off, cycling is off all swimming is off unless I have company.(because of the epilepsy) I was recommended hill walking/climbing and as we live in Mallorca there are plenty of hills around. The only thing I need is someone to drive me there.

Keep Smiling 🙂 There is always a hill to climb!

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