Friday 14th


So I have had another couple of days with children, physio and acupuncture.

I have a few new things that I am doing with physio or by my self. Ball throwing and standing on one leg for example. For a full 20 seconds on each leg. On a bosu ball (this is so nearly impossible but hopefully soon I’ll be able to impress you all)

Yesterday it was Santa Lucia and my girls were both in the trail at the Swedish school. They were so good! Singing loud and clear! In todays Ultima Hora we can all see photographs of them! I am impossibly proud of them all! Millie also starred in her kindergarden christmas show! But they were both on at the same time. Luckily Millie had a second showing today and we went to see her as a bell!

I had a time at Cortes Ingles to do my shopping today. I went to the wrong one and I was not able to get anything that I needed or wanted. After a full hour of Cortes Ingles I was allowed out to have a coffee. For the coffee Ola came to join in with Dan and me. Then Dan left me with Ola and as we sat there a man arriving from the outside. I saw he was looking at me as I should know him. I should know him. And when he came in to the cafe he came up to our table. My brain was getting into remembering mode, working so hard! And I remembered him! He is a friend of a friend really and I have only known him this year! But I remembered with name and everything! There is still hope for me!

I have had to put down Jolly today. Very sad. She was super special but something lacked in her way of mending herself. She had 2 eye operations and she ended up blind. I’m upset but luckily I am still wearing my plastic bubble.


It’s great for every day annoyances as well as big griefs etc. I should patent it really.

Nicola has just arrived back from Palma where she was almost stopped by riot police. Wow excitement on a friday night! I normally get so tired at 8pm there is nothing I can do after that. Except for blogging and face booking. Boring life. I used to be so much fun!

Now all children are asleep and mum is going through the fridge to get something for me to eat. Oh thank you!

Keep Smiling 🙂 Horses go to horse heaven


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  1. Hej Emelie! Så tråkigt att höra om Jolly! Men oerhört roligt att följa din blogg och läsa om alla framsteg! Stay strong!! X x

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