Tuesday almost a whole week back home

So the first day of physio therapy at home yesterday.

8.15 am Monica arrived to start off. We set up studio in the office. There was a box full of balls and a mat and a skipping rope. She ignored all of it and asked me -What are you struggling with at home? I said -The stairs. As I have a veto set by my husband that I am not even allowed to go downstairs by myself. -Ok lets walk upstairs. she said.

We were walking up and down the stairs 3 times. `for those of you that have not been to my house they are nasty steep stairs with a little flimsy railing on one side only. That side is my left side on my way down. And as I suffer from double vision when i look down there are so many steps.

We then took time finding my equilibrium and stand on one leg on the lowest step and balance for 10 seconds with the other leg in a nice shape backwards. Yikes. Never knew balance on one leg could be so hard.

After playing with the balls with throwing and catching we also did some folding of clothes. That I really struggle with. She told me there are websites you can learn how to fold. I used to be able to fold no problem, it’s just now my left hand wants nothing to do with me.

I got given tasks to do every hour. Climbing the stairs 3 times up and down and stand on one leg 3 times for 10 seconds in balance. Have just done my first set. Blimey, I think I can do this! I was also given homework like touching as many things as possible with my left hand and groom and massage horses. A lot of work for my left side.

I went to stable around 10.30. Nicola was gonna drive but she had a call from school saying that Myrna was sick. Oh bother, Elena was coming to the rescue! We  were supposed to be in Sweden and England now but things have changed and us not being away means we get to meet our house sitters/baby sitters/dog sitters for 4 days! Milly’s one godmother is here, Libby and her husband Andy.

So nice to see them! They got riding on Lucky and Lara. I was very impressed especially with Andy’s improvement since last time 3 years ago.

In the afternoon we went for lunch at Wellies. So great to be here again. As usual I had the goat cheese salad. At 2.30 I was so tired I nearly fell off my chair. We went to pick up Mel from school. My first time back at the school since my accident. I was a little worried as I didn’t want to meet someone I didn’t recognise. At least I would have known it was something to do with the school.

When we came back home some more training and had the girls to help me. At 4.30 I called my American healer who by now has me almost healed! After the 30 min healing session I was totally out of it so I went to bed for a full 3 hours. Dan woke me up to have soup for dinner and I went to bed again around 10pm.

Didn’t wake until today 7am!

8.15am session with physio Monica. Today Myrna was still at home from school so she was helping out with all the ball throwing and balance exercise. It went really well and even Monica said how much better I had become in one day. She finished off by telling Nicola I should get some clean clothes to fold. This I then did for he next hour or so.

1pm Acupuncture with Gudrun. About 100 needles went in my left side and it really made a difference. She put on fire balls on the needles on my legs and arms. Awesome!

Lunch we treated ourselves to Portixol! I had a lot of meat and felt great afterwards. Gudrun said listen to what your body wants to eat. I said meat and chocolate. (not together) She said meat was for energy and chocolate was against my frustration. She could feel a lot of frustration in my body. Not really surprising as body won’t do what I want to do. She said try and visualise yourself in doing things you enjoy instead of thinking of things you can’t do.

Well I said. Most things I like doing I can’t do any more. Stand up paddle is out of the question, as is cycling and running/mountain climbing. Well there is that edge that I have always had in liking the not too easy things to do which now works against me. Walking on straight tarmac roads just doesn’t hit me with excitement! Also reading which I used to like I can’t do as my double vision kicks in.

Got home and had some more physio with Myrna and walking up and down stairs.

Am planning a schedule for the week to come. To have a bit more structure to this unstructured life.

My mother lands here tomorrow. With her 2 dogs. We will see in a few days how everyone gets along.

Keep Smiling 🙂 Some of you can walk stairs without seeing it as a workout!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday almost a whole week back home

  1. Just read your update! Good to hear you sounding… Well just like you!! Working hard, going out for lunch, eating chocolate and visiting stables!! Fantastic matey!! Hope we see you marvellous marshons soon xx

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