Weekend again!!!

Oh hello everyone! We are still here the world has not evaporated, been destroyed or disappeared. Well if it has I am unaware of it.

Today I started day by power walking to the stable and back. When I was ther I groomed Lara.

I am now back and feeling it a little. I am using Dan’s nordic walking sticks and feel almost like a pro… That is a disabled pro, getting fit for para olympic.IMG_0603

It was lovely weather today. A bit fresher than usual as I went out so early but very sunny.


I have been hard at work since wednesday. Walking with the sticks and practicing yoga poses. My physio Monica is concentrating on giving me massages and correct things that are wrong muscularly. I have to do the equilibrium and stamina work in my own time. I think this works better for me as I don’t get as tired any more.

Monica was getting worried about how tired I was and she wanted to put me on some medicines to pick me up. I said wait, I am trying to get a bit fitter without medicines and in January if I’m still a wreck I will try something.

Yesterday we went to the girls school end of term performance at the swedish church in Palma. Our girls were stood in front and singing 4 songs! I was very impressed as two of the songs were spanish.

Now walking I have to concentrate to put one leg in front of the other so I don’t look too much like a boxer that has shat himself. I also have exercises with knees high. This I am doing in front of mirror so that I can see if I’m out of sync.

Out of sync is my middle name right now. Everything I do is slightly or totally out of sync. I don’t mind though as people see there is something wrong with me, and avoid me. Yesterday at the Swedish church so many people came up to say hi, really nice, but I honestly have no idea of who they are or who their children are. Then again there are many kids and parents and some kids and parents I did remember! So maybe thats what I have to be happy about. Not all the faces I have lost but the ones I remember!

Keep Smiling 🙂 We still have a world to worry about!

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