Saturday the 29/12 Weekend!

So I am vey sorry my updates are fewer every week.

It might be because my progress is slower, or I have more to do here but I think it’s because of my feeling tired all the time. I could basically go back to bed and sleep straight after breakfast. I’m not sure if this is normal. My physio here wanted to medicate against this fatigue. I decided against more medicine as I am on pretty hard core stuff as it is.

So how is my progress? I try and walk to the stable every day. There I try to brush and groom and massage one or two of my horses.

The walking gets better every day I think but walking when I’m tired makes me look like sylvester stallone in the final Rocky movie. Not good!

As the new year is drawing closer I feel almost a little relief. But I also know that 2013 is going to be one hell of a year.

I’m not allowed to drive for another 10 months.

I still can’t read because of double vision.

Small things hinder me and now small things annoy me as they hinder me where as previously I would have been super chuffed with a small thing, now I can fully remember how I used to do something and how long it used to take me.

I think my mood can be seen by people around me too. The closest suffer the mostest!

I want to add lunacy to my long list of ailments or maybe talking to greater force in my head is completely normal? Really? Is this all you have? Bring me more sorrow, more darkness and more sadness won’t you? Just bring it! My plastic bubble is coping with it somewhat, there are a few little cracks on it seeping through things a little here and there. I say bring it on! I can cope and feeling like I do now I’ll probably sleep through it!

At the moment all kids are fine. Millie  has been a little sick  over christmas but now she is better.

Millie does this phenomenal high pitch screaming around 2am. Last night I was woken up by Dan trying to sound more than her as well as her screams. It was a fantastic immense sound space in my house. And even though it was a full moon the other two daughters did not wake up!

Today I am waiting for Monica my physio to come by.

And she is putting together a work program for me for when she is on holiday.

I have lots of things to do. But very limited energy to do it. It’s not like I don’t want to do it, it’s just I can’t…Never mind I will find more energy inn this plastic bubble of mine!

I have bought new hiking sticks. This is because the other ones gave me vibrations to my left hand so it numbed everything.

I was told 3 days ago I am only allowed 1 coffee per day. That day I had started on 3 coffees getting warmed up but apperently you are only allowed one per day if you suffer from epilepsy. It hasn’t given me one yet…

Ah well, the joys of being locked in an ill body. I am tired. I think every one around me are tired. Today we are going to have lunch in Calvia. Kids mum and Dan, Adriana and Millie are staying at home.

Keep Smiling 🙂 Here the sun is shining!

2 thoughts on “Saturday the 29/12 Weekend!

  1. Hi Em, been catching up with your December updates this evening. Can’t believe what amazing progress you are making. I know it seems slow to you, but given where you were just a few weeks ago, you are doing so incredibly well. It is no wonder you get disheartened somedays, you are only human so don’t give yourself too hard a time. You have so much strength and determination, I know that you will read this blog back in a few months time and feel very proud of what you have achieved. Lots of love and a Happy New Year to you and the family xxxx

  2. Hej hej my love!
    Så glad att du bloggar, då känns det som man får vara dig nära, trots avståndet. Jag hoppas att energin återvänder lite för varje dag som går. Önskar allt gott inför det nya året. Bring it on! You can do it! Tonvis med kärlek,

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