3 Months since the accident

Today it’s an actual 3 months since my accident.

I am still learning new things each day. Or should I put I am re learning old things in a new way each day.

It’s slow, frustrating, annoying and infuriating and yet necessary.

The new year was a whole new experience. As I’m not allowed any alcohol I cheered in water and fizzy drinks. As I don’t last much longer than 9 pm we celebrated the Mumbai new year in India! Which was at 8pm! So both me and all the children were still up to enjoy the fireworks and the Indian food!

I have such a clever husband that just comes up with more brilliant ideas to cope with my disabilities.

So January here we go. I have a few things i need to do, such as changing my core self. And a few things I want to do, such as learning to paddle surf again and get on a horse.

So what I need to do is this: Train balance every day on the hour every hour. I need to slow my core self down. It’s apparently not pretty neither clever to be a fast person. I have to learn to slow down a lot. It’s not because of my disability but rather how I’ll have to cope in the real world being an aged (my age) woman. I have to take my medicines twice a day for a year. I have to keep a good diet, gluten free and lactose low.

What I want o do is this: I want to learn to paddle surf again. Get myself a trainer that is not afraid of possibly having to rescue me from the water. I want to start riding again. Not cantering around jumping fences straight away but to work horses in walk. Yoga, to get stronger and more level. Walk in the mountains.

Things I’m not allowed to do: Drive a car. This is so annoying. Makes me dependant on other people always. Swim by my self. Scuba dive. Jump horses (yet).

My vision is still double most days which makes it really hard to read. In the morning it’s better than in the afternoons/evenings. I need to see someone about it but I have been put of by it not being a quick fix for double vision other than closing one eye with a patch. (pirate style) But the neurological doctor has recommended 12 sessions to the eye doctor which makes me think it’s going to be yet another long recovery. I’d better get used to it.

Dan scared me the other day. He said we had had a conversation at our kitchen table about some adaptors. I cannot remember the conversation at all. I knew about the adaptors so the conversation felt fake or non-me from the beginning but Dan was adamant  this conversation had taken place so I started to think I had had another haemorrhage. Then I was told brain haemorrhages never were selective in the memory loss so I would have lost a day or a weeks memory and not only a 10 min conversation. So I started to track unusual things I do. There were plenty. But ordering pan-b-oli (a country style bread) instead of bocadillo (more of a baguette style bread) for Myrna was one thing. Totally trackable as I could remember it. In fact all the odd things I did I could remember and also why I had done them. A mix up with words being the number one reason. In the end I am not sure where the conversation with Dan about the adaptors went but I think maybe he got it wrong? Maybe he talked to my mother? She is no help as she can’t remember anything either. Oh the joy! What a dysfunctional memory losing family we are.

Keep smiling 🙂 This year might sound like a struggle but we will end up newer and better on the other side

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