January 9th it’s a wednesday!

And I am running! Just a short distance but hey ho.

I tried posting a video here because I actually look almost level when I run but the posting just went wrong.

Every day I walk approximately 4 km with nordic walking sticks. Then I go to the stable and groom some horses.

It’s lovely and sunny here in Mallorca now so perfect time for outdoor activities.

I have been very tired since christmas. I sleep 12-15 hours per day. Dan thinks that it’s normal but I’m not so sure. Basically when I wake up after breakfast, I could go back to sleep again. If I don’t have an afternoon lie down i collapse around 4pm.

I have today talked to my doctor about it and he said its far too much sleep. Even though the body has been through a lot, it shouldn’t respond with this much tiredness all the time. He said it could be medicines or something.

Tomorrow I have such a full day. starts 8.30 with physio then followed by a walk (might cancel this) grooming horses and 12pm psychology session. At 1.30pm I’m meeting a friend for a coffee and at 2.30 I have yoga then at 3.30 I am seeing another friend who will bring me to Manacor for food shopping for my horses.

So full on day. I’m hoping it will all work well or otherwise I have to delay or overbook the rest of my week.

It’s quite mad. But as I have to plan everything ahead as I can’t drive I get very organised. It becomes very sad when I realise how slow I am and how much time get spent doing very bog standard duties.

Dan is in the UK again. His father is not getting any better. Very sad. I am waiting for news every day.

I had a lunch with Pedro the vet a couple of days ago. He saw me at the day I had my accident. He saw me on the floor as medics where connecting tubes to me. He said he thought I was joking as I was smiling all the time. I was on the floor and smiling as tubes and wires were attached to me. The medics where talking to me but I just smiled back non-responsive. So it wasn’t until they took me off in an ambulance that he and Elena started to worry.

Any way. Tomorrow another day, today I have had no siesta so we will see when I fall asleep.

Keep smiling 🙂 Even when it’s feeling hard you only use 2 muscles in your face to smile!


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