Tuesday tired tuesday

So now tuesday. And I cannot believe how tired I am.

I have already had my physio over and she also mentioned how my balance and equilibrium has disappeared. So I’m given more exercises to do…

Even though I am ready to fall asleep at any moment. I am currently taking amentadine that is supposed to pick me up or atleast make me a little bit more awake. I have been on it for 8 days now and it’s not doing anything. If I was to be more tired than I am now I would probably be sleeping!

So I have tried to do things and train as I do as normal as possible. The tiredness can go and find someone else to beat up! So saturday and sunday both the girls came over to ride! We borrowed a pony called Pin for Mel to ride on and Myrna was on Sally. It  was great! On sunday Ottilia came and helped with Tilde so I had 4 Swedish grooms! But after we finished I was very tired.

Have just finished a training session with my physio and she told me my favourite place to rest is in a gepathology zone that is harmful for my health. Oh dear! More information to learn.


So with all this I am getting ready to have acupuncture.

Keep Smiling 🙂 There are tons of things we don’t know about the world we live in.

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