Saturday Whooo hoo WEEKEND!

So there I have acknowledged the fact that this is a weekend.

Not a lot of news from me unfortunately. The last couple of weeks my tiredness have taken over my balance and equilibrium so I have gone backwards in my training it feels like.

I have to get some organisation back in to my life. Switzerland seams like a life time ago. Now what i feel is like everyone is working on their own, not together to get me better, it’s like a personal treasure hunt. But where I’m not invited, only as someone that can watch from the balcony.

It would be great if the neuro doctor and physio therapist had some conversations and if the same happened with my eye doctor…

At the moment I just feel like I am floating between treatments, some where I can’t do so well (because of tiredness mostly) and others where I apparently am doing really well.

I haven’t done my walk to the stable for a bit. Bad weather has also got something to do with less walking of course!

So I have been put on Amentadine, it’s basically a product used for patients with parkinsons or MS. It’s suposed to be a pick me up, but to be honest with you I fear I have been given a placebo as I can easily go to sleep straight after I have taken the pill.

I have a meeting with Dr Nobbe on monday and there we will go through:

1. Why Amentadine? Why am I so tired? This was never explained to me before.

2. When can I start riding? I feel the energy that the horses give me will be the proper pick me up from this tiredness.

3.The other medicines are they the right strength? Maybe it’s them that makes me so tired?

4. Blood test results. I had a new blood sample this week and it would be fun to see the results as I am on “Cell food” and it’s supposed to really pick you up! And I have been told the blood samples you take are incredible and it’s a 40 day course and I have been on it for 24days! Not that I can feel it but it would be fun to see if they actually could see it on the blood sample.

Anyway, not everything is bleak. My yoga instructor is back from a week in Sweden. We had a great session on thursday! My mum also tried and she said it was good for her to! Although she felt how stiff and un-bendy she was, it will all be great in the end.

Yesterday me and Dan had dinner at Rositas! It was heavenly! Peace and quiet until the Karaoke man started, then we left!

Keep Smiling 🙂 Even if you feel that the noise is covering you there is always time to turn around and walk away. There is solitude and stillness around the corner or inside of you.

One thought on “Saturday Whooo hoo WEEKEND!

  1. Hej hjärtat! Det finns ett läkemedel i sverige som heter Modiodal och ges mot kronisk trötthet. se om du kan få det utskrivet på något sätt om det andra inte funkar. Pusss!

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