Almost 4 months

And so today it happened! I sat on a horse again! For the first time in nearly 4 months.

It was very calm. I had 2 lessons in the beautiful morning before I sat up on Lara (Eva Lux) the current Mallorca champion of show jumping! I worked her in walk doing half passes and shoulder in.

The first 30 seconds it felt weird. Like I didn’t belong. Then it clicked. It was as if I had never been of a horse at all. I felt truly normal and even good at was I was doing. For the first time in ages I knew myself.

I only walked although trotting, cantering and jumping did feel reachable goals, if not today, soon. Elena wept a little of joy and everybody was happy for me. I posted a photo of me on facebook and got over 120 likes within an hour! Popular girls!

After I finished riding I felt elated. I was on a cloud. All colours were clear again. I felt stronger and faster than I have felt for months. I walked home and had a shower before I went for my physio with Monica.

She was also very happy for me but designed exercises that she suggested I would do on a horse but I had to say no. I don’t think Lara would allow me catching a ball thrown to me whilst sitting on her or raising my arms and picking at things in the air. I think that would seriously freak her out. She then said she knew horses that would have no problem with this and I had to say, I wouldn’t try and jump them as they sounded like careless beasts… Ah well the different views we have on horsemanship…

Another unexpected thing that has happened to me after the accident is my communication skills with animals. I have lost all 2012 almost and all skills to programming. But my skill of communicating with cats, dogs and horses through mind mapping is better and clearer than ever.

The problem is that animals can sense this and come with me to share their problems. My acupuncturists cat was the first to come for some needed treatment on an injury on her back leg. Every time I went for acupuncture the cat miaowed it’s way in to the treatment room and then jumped on to the bench where I was lying with needles in my body. My acupuncturist said: “oh I’m so sorry, she has never done this before” and I answered before I could stop myself, “She is hurting in her back leg, don’t worry she can lie next to me if I can have a look at her afterwards” She said that was fine and I put my hands over the area where she was feeling pain and I addressed 2 points of acupressure and her tail went in a jagged  motion back and forth until it stopped and lie still. The cat came in on my next visit as well and got another treatment. The next time i came the cat just walked past me to show how great she had recovered, and the last time I went she just miaowed a hello as an old friend, healed.

So the problem is now I cannot meet any dogs or cats without them chatting with me. I don’t think everyone is as open minded about these conversations and treatment as I am but the difference is instant and very straight forward. I just don’t feel this is something I will broadcast when I meet people unless their dogs are in real pain. But if you do have a dog with a problem you can’t find let me touch him. So far no major failures!

So tomorrow I am having a new MRI scan. It’s because of my fatigue. But I’m since sunday back to my normal energy level. Normal as in before christmas not normal as in before the accident. But I am off Amentadine! My neurologist thought he had to double the dose but I asked to try and remove it first and it’s incredible! No more speed for parkinson patients is being taken anymore!

Had my results back from the blood test and the only thing he could comment on was the low blood sugar levels.

On a fasting stomach it should not be weird, but as I had already had a small but good breakfast in the morning it was weird. If you look back on my tiredness record you could say I’m the opposite to a diabetic. The pancreas produces too much insulin! So that might explain weird illness of 2010! That is 15 months of my life (that I slept away worrying about what was causing the effects of rapid fatigue) that with this information could have been great!

Anyway I’m not one to look back with regret and without this I would have never met Fred Wandsworth (my nutritionist in London) and maybe wouldn’t appreciate the feeling of feeling good as much as I do now.

Keep Smiling 🙂 For all of us there are miracles. Just open your eyes and let it shine for you!

3 thoughts on “Almost 4 months

  1. Riktigt kul att du verkar fått tillbaka din energi! Och vilken skön känsla det måste varit att få sitta upp på hästryggen igen (senaste gången satt ju hästen på din rygg), but sis – ta det varligt! Nu när du börjat prata med djur är första saken du bör göra att be hästarna ta det lugnt med dig. Vid tillfälle skulle jag uppskatta om du kunde ta ett uppfostrande samtal med vår lilla Cavallier…

  2. Fråga läkaren om några av dina mediciner är blodsockersänkande.Frukosten,hur ser den ut?För mycket kolhydrater=ger för mycket socker och insulinet kickar in.Det är faktiskt fler i familjen som erfar detta utan att ha diabetes.Alltså det verkar som om vi har för aktiv insulinproduktion Det är bra tt du talar med djuren.Dom är i allmänhet missförstådda.Puss

  3. Yay!!!! Satt å smygtittade på FB över axeln på Peter i helgen och frågade vad hästgrejjen va, han sa att det är din kompis som rider, jag – äh, du skojar????? Icke 😀 han sa, skaffa egen FB,,, men, det är en annan diskussion som vi inte ska ta här. Shit va kul!!! Är glad,, se till att hålla dig kvar på ryggen Mrs Dolittle. Kram!

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