So entering a new phase…

Hello readers!

I have gone from very enthusiastic and propped up to move forward, to get tired and weighed down. Yesterday was the first time since my accident that I nearly cried.

No it’s a lie, I cried when news of Lars death came to me, but have otherwise been very composed through my hospitalisations and re-hab. But yesterday had it not been for the tough man chip on my shoulder I would have wept.

I was at doctors. It was a planned visit from the week before. I needed to go through a little bit my tiredness and get a go ahead to start riding again. But since I had been so tired I got a no-go on the riding side. It didn’t help that I didn’t have anyone with me that supported riding as re-hab.

It’s so boring. The walking. The slowness. More walking. Won’t bore you.

Today I had my first real lesson. Silvia and Rulle were in my first group back training. This in my mind is so much harder than walking a horse up and down. Ah well some people think teaching is less hard than riding. They obviously have not been around horses enough.

I have loads of new people approaching me about coming for lessons. And I guess I am ready now. Every day I get stronger and Kundalini Yoga with Linda is improving everything i think.

Keep Smiling 🙂 It’s a tough place this world we live in. But if you don’t have the hard times you do not appreciate the great times.

4 thoughts on “So entering a new phase…

  1. Världens bästa Emelie, härligt att höra att du för en gång skull håller samma takt som oss vanliga dödliga 😉 Nä, skämt åsido, förstår din frustration men titta tillbaka på vad du har åstadkommit dom senaste månaderna, det är snudd på ett mirakel! Kanske lätt att säga för mig som inte sitter i din sits men åter igen, you are my hero <3 Så glad över din blogg och jag instämmer med Ebba, det får en att känna att man är med dig trots att man sitter i här hemma i den svenska vargavintern.. Massa <3 ..

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