Trouble never travels lonesome…

Hello dear folks

I have managed to half climb out of my pit of misery post op clavícula.

People often say bad things happen in 3. I have been holding my breath for the last week as I’m awaiting bad thing number three…

Bad thing number 1, I have decided was the fall I had the Friday before last. Breaking said clavícula in 4 places, hence decorating it with 9 screws a plate and 12 staples. You who have called me bionic woman before, now here I am!

Bad thing number 2 happened last Thursday. I still can’t really even think about it without crying. I am not a super sensitive soul, but this really has me in tears. Both out of sadness and thankfulness. Lara, or Eva Lux as she is known to more during her career as a show jumper, was in foal to our gorgeous stallion Billy Cointreau. The foal was due on the 20th of April and as our foals rarely come on time I felt it was safe to go on the show jumping trip to Oliva. We were coming back on the 1/4 which would give us ample of time to prepare all. Lara had other plans. She started giving milk about 4 weeks ago and we have been monitoring her advancements and it all looked like it had slowed down and for us to relax a little.

In the morning of last Thursday she gave birth. To still born twins. They had not been spotted by the vets ultrasound because they were in the same sack. Normally when vets spot twins, they either squash one or re-scan hoping it will be reabsorbed as it’s a gentler form of process. Mares can not have twins, they very seldom survive. Because they were twins in the same sack our vet never suspected anything. Not even when he scanned the mare during the last weeks.

Now I’ll sound heartless but my biggest tears are not for the death of the foals but for the survival of our mare. I am so thankful that Lara is still with us and even though it will take some time to understand what we have to do to move forward I know we will work it out.

Maybe I should stop looking for bad things that “might” happen. It’s only that I told Jenny the day before the accident when I was considering buying a new tack locker for the show, -What do you think I should survive the first day of jumping and not fall off and break anything in the first class… (before spending the money on the new locker) And here we are now.

I have had my family over for a lovely weekend here at Met Oliva. They have survived the journey both here and back home. My student has managed to fly in here alright, she starts jumping on Friday. Jenny has been jumping lovely rounds and has even got a few placings on our horses. We have managed to fly over Carlota to help with the horses. So other than me being broken it all looks better now.

Welcome new week of wonders!

Keep smiling 🙂 some of us are still here!

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    • Hello
      Anna Fresgard from Sweden is riding Billy Cointreau. She also had an incident with her collarbone at the same time as me so we are basically collar-twins now! She didn’t break hers though, but dislocated it which also sounds freakishly painful! I have seen pictures of her back on horse so hopefully we will see him jumping in the ring very soon!

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