Back on track

As I have started riding again we have also started the building work at the farm. Great combo! Or maybe not so much! The sounds and dirt of building work is not the greatest combination when one tries to work ones horses. The brilliant idea of evening riding was introduced and now as the dust settles and the workers go back home, the saddles gets tacked on and we can work away.

The second fab thing about evening riding in a country like Spain (in the summer), it gets cooler and cooler the longer you ride, so no stress about burning up!

The third fantastic insight to my life I’ve had since starting this evening riding is this, I have so much more time for a regular life as well! I enjoy driving kids to school and I can go shopping for food and have lunch and meet up with friends! I can also pick up the kids from school if need be and they come with me to the farm when I ride. Sometimes I even get someone to accompany me on horse!

Yesterday for the first time in a very long time I went cycling with my husband! As he is a very good cyclist and I am not really fit at all we went up a small hill at the back of our house towards Calvià. A very close call to asthma, over heating, muscle cramp, I realized this is the best way to exercise any partner one wants to keep quiet for some time… other than my wheezing breath, me and my other wards stealthy bike made it up it hill! Downhill was clearly the easiest!

I think this year will become one of insights, into how one actually manages to work around ones problems to discover better ways to live!

Keep Smiling 🙂 if your wall is to high to get over, find an exciting road to go round it, or under it!

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