Tired but happy

9 days after last chemo equals a-ok! We started today by going to the stable, and for the first time since the very last chemo (hopefully the last forever chemo) I went riding!

My energy levels are way down, but my focus was clear! Me and my cousin Ebba and our friend Bella all rode together. We then tacked up 4 unassuming ponies and set free 11 children on hacks/walking/trotting…

There possibly should be a photo bomb falling onto the Facebook skies later on today! It will be filled by smiling kids faces on top of four equally happy ponies. After I had ridden Pluto and led Millie and Pancho together with Dagmar on Azulito, I think my body switched off. It’s funny how it does that. It goes from normal to nothing in less than half a second.

I then had to have a rest and have a sandwich and a cup of tea. I recovered slowly but because of the heat and overall strain, I got a nosebleed that is still going strong… If I won’t stop bleeding soon I’ll have to call the hospital again…

I’m now lying down on my sofa. Clearly tired but oh so happy! A very action packed week for equine people. Horses are jumping very well at the national championships in Stoneleigh, the European championships have started in Aachen, I might go and see my horses jumping on Sunday and tomorrow we are going to England!

Keep smiling 🙂 let your inner equine lover bloom! 


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