Think they might call it a binder…

That in pure English should be called corset! Or torture gurdle. That is what they make you wear here after a substantial op to the lower stomach regions.

Someone somewhere has designed said torture material with an inkling bit of sadanistic pleasure. It made out of a really hard stretchy material. It’s in two layers both being roughly 30 cm wide. They overlap so the entire corset will be approximately 45 cm wide. It has a thick lining of Velcro that keeps it tight and together. At the front of this highly unpleaserable tool is a small flower! Why on earth??? Who would ever see said flower? Why is there one? Wouldn’t a tractor or medival torture tool be more appropriate?

Yesterday I was being fitted for one. The size Large was way too small for me! I was liking it less and less! Then they gave me a bigger size (possibly the XL or the XXL) which at first took all my breast care nurses strength to pin on me. I with my broken finger did not have one little bit of a chance to strap it around my stomach! I was also fitted with a wear-all-the-time-bra! It’s necessary to wear all the time for the breast to like its new home! This took out all little energy I had of the day and as I had done little walks to the loo by myself, the fitting of the new torture tools was basically my day done.

Today is a new day! I managed to have a supervised sit down shower! Followed by me strapping myself into torture tools! I have since had 3 walks out on to the ward! With the physio Sophie I even walked up and down a set of stairs!

I’ve been sitting out in the chair a lot as well. For all my meals and when I had my sister in law visit me! The last drain was removed from my underarm, and I feel great! Other than my finger that clearly is not getting any better still. I had another x-Ray today. Nothing has come back about it but I’m beginning to think ligament damage. I really am not wimpy when it comes to pain, but after this whole operation etc, my finger is where I have the most pain. Silly falling on sidewalk!

Keep smiling 🙂 sometimes you find your secret garden within yourself  


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