From D to F

Well there are cup sizes and shovel sizes when it comes to bra cups! After my operation he new breast that we have named Bella, is a cup size D. This is partly because of swelling and partly because they made her bigger because she will shrink when I start the radiation therapy. 

Today something has gone a little wrong and she has swelled up to a gigantic F cup in size! Betty, my left breast looks like a midget in comparison. I believe I’ve always been pretty much a B cup, more or less level on both sides, now I would struggle to sit straight on a horse! The pure weight of Bella would pull me towards the right. Oh dear, my horses would get so confused!

I’m not sure to what extent I’ve explained the operation. They removed the nipple and the innards of Bella, then went through that way to clear all my lymph nodes under my right armpit! Then they excavated tissue and fat from my stomach to create Bella DD, in fact I think she is designed to become a C cup when all normal swelling has gone down, to then shrink a little more with the radiation. 

At a later date one might have to “lift” Betty, to make her a match to Bella, but size wise they are promised to be basically the same, only one is brand new and the other one is 40+ and has fed my three children.

The last attachment of the stomach tissue in to Bella was done by a micro surgeon. He attached the blood vessels that goes through her! It’s an incredible feat that he has accomplished! The tissue is alive and blood is pumping through Bella! She is soft and warm and feels like a normal breast! Incredible! Although right now she feels like 3 normal breasts on my right hand side… Ah well this too will pass one might hope!

I have started my rehab training properly today. I have walked for 3 longer trips, one involving walking down 5 flights of stairs as well as back up them! I now dress in my own pyjama and not in the bottom baring hospital gown. When you meet other fellow inmate people exercising it can get quite hard to spot them if they are in their “home clothes”. I found out a real tell tail sign are the yellow plasta-socks! The kind people born in the 70’s and 80’s wore as toddlers, we all wear them here not to slip over! Result! 

The corridors are as in most hospitals quite uninspiring. I’ve gone all out insane and allow myself to imagine forests, flowers and animals that I share and describe to my fellow inmates and nurses. I bet they think I’m full on crazy, but atleast I’m exercising somewhere new and exciting every time! 

Today the weather in Mallorca has been crazy! They had a hailstorm with hail the size and shape of ice cubes! No need to go look for ice for your G&T, just put the glass outside the window! Must have been so scary to be caught up in it! There was a lot of thunder as well, I do worry for my thunder buddy Jack and hope he is alright without me.

Keep smiling 🙂 make where ever you are super special!  


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  1. Well Emma, thank you for the post and it has made me think about being more grateful for my own life, from my business at Martin & Co to my home life with my fabulous wife Jan.

    Keep up the exercise and I am sure the flowers at

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