Second op!

9 days since last 8 hr operation, I’m now awaiting my second op! It’s just the removal of the port-a-cath that they have used for my chemo. It’s a small plastic thing that sits right under the skin under my left collarbone. It’s been super helpful to have the port-a-loo for all the crap that they have managed to fill my system with! But as last weeks operation was a big one, today’s is the final “full stop” to the silly notion of cancer in my system!

It’s also a thing my daughters have been acutely aware of. “The side (left) where one can’t kiss or cuddle mummy.” I’m sure they are aware last weekends operation was fairly big, but to them tonight’s operation to get rid of the “three bumps” is more comprehendible and therefore more important to them. They are at the moment on the beach in Palma Nova playing with my friends and their kids on holiday all the way from Sweden. I am so happy they didn’t choose to come last week as it was raining buckets in Mallorca… On the other hand this autumn is proving to be a bit hard for any social things as I’m in the UK for treatment on and off most of the time… 

Okapis are my new obsession! If you don’t know what Okapis are, please google them now. They were discovered 1901 in Western Africa. They are magical creatures and since I’ll be staying close to regents park I might become a member of the London zoo. There they have a few Okapis! It might become my every day walk to meet and greet them? As I’m not allowed any lifting/sweaping/ironing/grooming/saddling/riding/running/rowing/swimming/pushing for the next couple of weeks I think walking to and gazing at the Okapis might be a brilliant treat!

I’m now allowed to ease of the wear of the white high stockings that I have been wearing day and night for the past 9 days. I only have one more night where I have to use them and then I can restrict usage only to days when I’m not so active! Cancer is cruel, and breast cancer is such an anti female disease. I mean first they give you chemo, you lose your hair and gain weight, then they remove one of your breasts and put you in disgusting looking socks in combination with the rubbersocks (thank you Bitte for the Sockiplast reference!)  When your hair then started to regrow, it then for some unknown reason -so far put down to stress- it started falling out again…. Well I’m not so sure it will all grow back again. 

For the last couple of days I have been very lucky as I have been taken out to eat in restaurants here in Marylebone area. First it was Elena that took me to the Scandinavian Kitchen. We walked there and taxied it back. Secondly it was my mother and mother-in-law that took me to a French restaurant. Same thing, walked there and taxi back. The last couple of times I have managed both to walk to and from Marylebone High Street. I do all this in combination with my stairs training. I’m on 4 1/2 floor so by going down and then back up I climb roughly 9 floors! My surgeon is getting a little bit annoyed with me. He really wants me to take it easy. I do tell him I will! 

Keep smiling 🙂 let the gentle creatures like the Okapi touch your heart! 


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