No longer inmate

I have been set free! I’m no longer in hospital! It’s a brilliant yet a slightly scary truth! 

It’s strange coming from such a profound background of long hospitalization stays, that this time only being 10 days and all, removed me from my safety platform. I’m not sure if it was the size of the operation or the combination of everything that has totally whacked me. But I feel like some released prisoners sometime do, I’d like to go back in again. It’s a weird thought. I’m not even sure why I have it. The security of being somewhere where you know everything. Where there is a rutine. 

We are staying next door to Sherlock Holmes. Literally next door. When he was fire bombed in one of the episodes on TV, I’m sure we would have suffered! Mum found this flat on a very short notice as the one I had managed to rent didn’t have a lift and it was 4 stories up. There are mostly positives about this flat, the only negatives are that it has very temperamental Internet and no reception for mobile phones! As I am addicted to Internet, what’s app, Skype, or mobile contact with world outside I go slightly frantic if I’m in the flat for too long. We have this little restaurant/cafe at the bottom of the building where I go for licorice and mint tea and free Wi-Fi!

The pain after the op is more or less controlled by the painkillers. I have found that sleeping in a “normal” bed is possible with help of 5 pillows! 3 under upper body and 2 under knees. The “sleep only on your back” rule is really hard to follow. I am a solid “side sleeper.” Often known to wiggle and change sides on plenty occaccions every night. This new me, this back sleeping, lying still, raised knees and upper body will be a new experience for Dan when he comes and visits!

London is such vibrancy of many cultures, languages and colors. Even though I’ve come here quite a lot in my life, especially this last year, I always get a little thrown. Today I’ve made my first appearance to my new friends the Okapis at the London Zoo. They are magical creatures and especially the female and I became very good friends! Tomorrow I will try to walk all the way from the flat to the Zoo. I still get insanely tired from very little exercise. Let’s hope I can build up my previous perky self!

Millie sent me a self portrait she drew today! How I miss her❤️

Keep smiling 🙂 the stripes and the chocolate color might not get you at first, but the ears! By love, the ears! 


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