Ra ma da sa (sa se su hung)

To get to the zoo in the morning all I have to do is walk straight through Regents park. In the calm morning a lot of the London crowd is out already exercising. There is a great calm hanging over the entire park. I now know that part of the calm I felt walking through the park will have been my choice of music.

I was listening to A Hundred Blessings by Mirabai Ceiba. It’s what I use during my meditations! No wonder Regents park was so relaxed, even though I passed a thousand people running a 10 km race, a lot of cyclists, ball players, racket sport people and dogs! 

The rehab is going ok. I keep walking a little each morning, between 3-5 km and the Okapis are my “carrot”. The female okapi (Oni she’s called) has really taken to me (possibly her only daily stalker). On Saturday she was about 1 centimeter from my face and tried to lick me!

I tried to stay cool about it all but seriously?!?!(!!!!!) An okapi so nearly managed to lick my face!!!! I was there again yesterday but she was more interested in galloping around and eating that chatting with me!

I think I should write a manual in how to stay fiercely positive and energized through rehab after major op! I would seriously recommend to become a yearly member to any zoo/national trust or similar. So that you can go outside and enjoy what you see. I have during the last couple of days doubled up as Oni’s personal guide! If you need to know anything about Okapis in general or her specifically just come and see me! I’m normally at the Okapis paddock between 10:30-11 more or less!

Friday will be my last day for a while! Then Saturday will arrive! And I will go home to my family!!!! For two weeks at least! 

Keep smiling 🙂 There are plenty of Okapis out there for you all to be in awe of!

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