The waiting game

We are now waiting for this weekend to be done. As today is chemo +3days I know from previous experience tomorrow is my worst day. I have had a fairly good time so far, my potassium levels have been really low so I’m now on new supplements for “K” (chemical letter for potassium). For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of taking K as a supplement in water rather than IV knows this is possibly the worst tasting supplement ever. I can’t really compare it to anything, but puke is fairly close. So not great as a twice a day reminder that you should feel sick… Well I do right now.

I have managed to keep up walking a little and doing some housework related stuff, a little bit of washing/tidying/cleaning and making pots of tea. It’s all part of the waiting game. I’m really trying not to over-do things as the cost tomorrow and the day after is too high. 

Yesterday I managed to do the walk to see our neighbors donkey foal. Stunning black beauty! Oh the heat was something different. I did not get out until 11.30 but it was already in the 28ish degrees and over 30 when I finished the walk…

On another note my horses are jumping really well in Hickstead show and The Drawness finished 3d in yesterday’s final in the main ring!

Today I am aiming to go to the stable. My friend and her daughter are coming to ride some ponies/horses so they will pick me up and take me over there. 

Now back to enjoying my first pot of tea for the day, today’s beginner tea is the Kushmi Boost, let’s hope it can energize! Let’s hope it tastes great too… Need other flavor in mouth than the rather disgusting taste of K.

Have a great day! Next week we are promised 38 degrees here which will heat up the rest of cool Europe…

Keep smiling 🙂 Glastonbury starts rocking today, unfortunately forecast looks a little wet for some of UK this weekend!  


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