2 to go!

Just a short notice as I’ve completed number 6 chemo! It’s been very painfree this time. Only 5 hours in the hospital this time, and some of them spent with my wonderful friend Sarah! 

First I had a meeting with Dr Jones. Her words to my husband Dan was something along the lines of -She is doing brilliant! (About my ability to adopt and have a good mood through this time) To my daughter -If I had a gold star I would give it to your mum (as well as pointing out I am top of her class at this moment).

So despite my purple nails that apparently might get worse and also maybe fall out, I’m on the right track! Brenda is almost a gonner! She was the biggest of my 3 tumors so that’s great news! The tiredness is to be expected apparently… Lots of maybes and hopes, but on the right track so far!

Dan has been setting up this time trial event up Sa Calobra in Mallorca during October 3d. All profits of the event will be given to 2 cancer charities! It’s such a heart warming thought and I do believe the event should be a fantastic experience for everybody! Check it out www.ttsacalobra.com!

We are looking for more female professional cyclists, so if you know anyone please get in contact with us!

Tomorrow my baby daughter turns 4 and I feel quite old myself! Not in a bad way, just a fact of life. Time goes by. You live some you learn some. Hopefully you learn some…

My hair has started growing back! The doctor say it might fall out again during new chemo, so not for me to get my hopes up too high. 

 Keep smiling šŸ™‚ sometimes lifes biggest battles makes us stronger and more determined!

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