The troubled finger

Oh joy! After trying to get an appointment to see a doctor here in Spain and the first available slot was on the 27/8 I was recommended to go to the a & e at juaneda. A slightly swollen finger injured not 1 or 2 days before, but instead a whopping 10 days earlier, felt a little slight over kill to see the medics at a & e.

But said and done. I decided on my accident and emergency quest on today’s red day as 1. In the morning there won’t be many people around and 2. The parking is free on red days. Today’s red day is Assumption of Mary. Where Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, was taken back to heaven after her death. It’s also known in our household as Assumption finger day, never assume your finger might be alright.

In a & e when you “sign” in you get to see a nurse and basically tell her your actual urgent problem. For me it started with one nurse and as my story of finger unfolded more audience from other hospital crew came in to explore the life of E. It’s by now like a farce, even I feel like I am making it up, but then I realize it’s true. And the times I remind myself I am still here acting as my own hero in this dark comedy/tragedy of one.

The victim

The clumsy

Energy fail

Full stop

Where do I start? I always manage to amuse with my medical encyclopedia of a body. Basically anything that could go wrong with you has failed on me. I should write a “short” version of medical history… but where to start? What year? 2012 which was my biggest current accident? Or do I go further back? Should I start at the beginning? 1974 is a long long time ago, or should I start backwards? See what I can remember.

It’s sometimes an interesting problem solving exercise for me. I find that laying out and ordering/listing things that’s gone wrong with my body can have a suduko effect on my brain.

It could go something like this

6/8/19 fall in forest on tree root whilst running, Sweden, suspected broken finger

12/3/19 fall of horse at oliva nova. Broken clavicle in 4 places, titanium plaque fitted and 9 screws

29/12/17 fall after disqualification from dance competition, Turks & Caicos, was tripped up by root of tree, was airborne and landed on my breastbone directly on a concrete bench. 3 fractures in sternum.

5/1/17 fall on slope/piste St Anton, torn cruciate ligament right knee. Followed by 3 major operations 2017

I’m going to leave it there for now, just with the latest couple of injuries, a new skiing holiday is already booked and I hope to actually stand on some skies this time, as last time I didn’t ski and I managed to fall whilst riding instead.

Some people just stop and look at me with wonder in their eyes, and then often followed by the slow shaking of their head. They do not have to say anything out loud, I can feel my own crazy, just reflected in their small shaking head movement.

Full thumbs up to the staff at Juaneda! In less than 1 1/2 hours I had seen 2 doctors, had ex rays, confirmed fracture in joint in middle finger, massive bandage incorporating an aluminum splint put on by 2 nurses as well as paying my bill and exiting car park without having to pay for any parking! I also got a new consultation time on the 23/8, a full 4 days before my original appointment!

Keep smiling 🙂 some days will feel longer than others but then remind yourself, I’m still here

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