The never ending story…

I wrote something last week

And it never published!

I know how it started

“Ah yet again a long long time since you heard from me! I’m out doing hence no writing!”

Then it was mostly a dragged out episode of the last 3-4 months, they have been quite full of stuff, but not as standing out shining examples worth writing about…

So I talked about the nasty English weather that with it’s nastiness made us happy to be in London and appreciating living in Mallorca even more.

It didn’t try to be too smug or funny. I had a bit of a fever when I wrote it and I think that’s why I somehow lost it and didn’t see it published anywhere.

We are in London this week. We were supposed to fly back home today, but no. I have been diagnosed with deep seated pneumonia on my left lung. I was seeing my surgeon late yesterday afternoon, and he basically phoned to the clinic next door and then took my hand and physically led me to this “new doctor” and told them to nebulize me. That’s basically letting me breathe bubbly saltwater. The new doctor was not impressed by the low oxygen levels in my blood, and as she knew we were supposed to go back to Mallorca today she asked us to change the ticket for tomorrow. I was also booked in to see another doctor this morning to check out my well-being.

The new doctor was a man from the old school of doctoring. I can’t see him take a short cut anywhere when it comes to medical issues. After listening to my lungs he asked if he could do an X-ray. I said -no problems, as I thought if there was anything pneumonia like there it should have started to get better already as I had started taking antibiotics a day or so before. There was pneumonia there. A lot of it. All on my left lung. And no! Flying with these lungs is a definite no no. He needed me to stay in London for another week… Eh I said I have small children or at least medium sized small children waiting for me to come back home. Ok he said, I will see you back here on Monday and then we can decide what to do.

So I am now stuck in England, until further notice!

Pneumonia is a drag. I cough like a true smoker. Have had fever coming and going all this week. I have no appetite or thirst. Even when I do eat, it doesn’t taste like it should do. So what do one do when you can’t speak because you cough too much, you can’t really eat, because your stomach doesn’t want you to? You research pneumonia online! It’s awful! I know I shouldn’t have, but I’m more convinced something boring like pneumonia could actually kill me. I better not go in to a hospital because according to some online sites about 30% off all pneumonia in intensive care ends up in death! See I told you! Never research your illness online. It will only make you feel worse!

The trip to London was really to do my quarterly oncologist dues. This time it was bloods and bones. A simple blood test checking all normal cancer markers as well as a bone density scan to see how my bones were doing with the taking of Tamixofen. I had to calculate the amount of broken bones, and also which bones I had broken in my life…-Eh, could I just tell you about my last 7 years? -Oh no, be specific and try not to forget anything. -Ok, I said, I’ll try my best .

This list was only done yesterday and I have 5 more breaks that I had forgotten about then… the amount of bones is also always a tricky one… when people ask if I ever had or what the types of bones I have broken were my standardized answer has always been -I’ve broken every bone except the jawbone, more or less!

For you interested in my bones, they are doing ok. Have become slightly more weakened this last year but nothing more than they were expecting.

I think by looking back at that list and also thinking about the breaks that are not included one could wonder why I still do it? I could ride a horse before I could walk. They have always been for me the way to come back to fitness, mental as well as physical. That, or otherwise all the concussions I had as a child falling of ponies. My mother was once called in by the accident and emergency crew for a questioning regarding all my concussions. They were all horse related, but I think we came in on a weekly basis for 5 or 6 weeks. Determined child syndrome. Or maybe we should call it determined pony child syndrome!

It could not have been an easy task growing up around me! Or having me growing up around all of you!

You should all have medals!

Keep Smiling đŸ™‚ if you are HOT like me today!

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