December is here

And I am back in Mallorca! At least as a physical person I am back, mentally and spiritually I don’t really know where I am.

I was allowed home last Friday. Purchased an oxygen finger clamp to see the levels during flight. Oxygen is a tricky one. Lungs are special and of course how we breathe and how our lungs deal with oxygen it’s all new science! A plane travels at 8000feet more or less. With cabin pressure it lowers your percentage of oxygen by 5-10%. Had I not been poorly this would have been a real fun experiment!

Said finger clamp will travel with us on next flight so whole family can appreciate air pressure!

I have tried fingers of many people since I bought it. All my children have a super healthy 99, but with all adults I have tried it on they come up with seriously low levels of oxygen! I’m not sure how it works, but as long as I’m still breathing we should be alright!

Christmas is coming nearer! I have done no planning or purchasing of anything… we are going to the UK 🇬🇧 for family Christmas with both grandmothers present! I was planning on creating something but as both voice and ability to create is so low, I might head back to internet purchasing…

Whilst on said internet… I always get pulled away, trying to find out brilliant personal gifts, ending up reading about weird ways of getting better after pneumonia. Slowly draining the little bit of energy I had from the beginning.

Even writing this quick note has taken me too long!

Keep smiling 🙂 at least when you are late for all your appointments you look polite!

One thought on “December is here

  1. Don’t worry.Mormor never buys things.It is all about charity.This year you have the joy to get involved in restauration of the old Organ in Salisbury!Meet you there!

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