2018 was a good year!

There was no fractures, I had no operations, no horrible incurable ailments!

Well some of you might recall I started the year with a fractured sternum, and finishing it with a pneumonia “especial”, but other than that, the year was “injury free”, or so I say… I must have the shortest memory of anyone I know…

On my phone there is photographic evidence from falls, black bruises, some stitches very close to my eyes… and yet, this I see as an injury free year!

I think it’s too easy to try and dig oneself into disbelief and finding ways of not trusting yourself. I think I am a great bearer of the “protective bubble” of confidence, this is in my mind my greatest asset, one that if we found a way to bottle said confidence we could sell it and make millions!

Unfortunately the one sad thing that has returned with a vengeance is my asthma. I thought it was gone for good, but all it needed to return was just a little pneumonia and humidity. Now I have been to see my lung doctor, and she recommends new inhaler, plus she recommends taking asthma spray 20 minutes before exercise. This was news to me, but it makes sense trying to give body a lift before you starve it from oxygen.

Never doing anything by halves, I have started riding again. Yesterday I managed 6! Tomorrow I am trying to train at the gym with my PT.

2019 will be an awesome year!

Keep smiling 🙂 Keep remembering the good times!

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