What is she on?

Valid question from fellow Origen concert goer, after I had been dancing around and happily paparazzied all the papparazzies behind the stage.

Dans answer: -She is just happy to still be here.

This was from last Sunday’s Origen music festival of the DJ variety. Carl Cox was headlining and we had been invited by our S’mores loving friend Sarah.

We didn’t quite know what we had signed ourselves up for as we arrived to Son Fusturet where the stage had been erected.

Thousands of people aged 15-21 were flooding the streets surrounding the venue. The girls were wearing very little clothes and the boys mostly surrounded themselves around a parked car playing loud music on the car park.

Thanks to Sarah’s close friendship with Carl Cox we found ourselves at the top of the stage. It was called Backstage access but a more appropriate name would have been on stage, all over access…

When Carl started his set I had gone to see my godson that was working in the V-VIP bar. He was greatly surprised by seeing his godmother/auntie visiting the festival and even more so when we got a message to please join everybody on the stage.

For 2 hours straight we were dancing whilst mr Cox was mixing the tunes. I can’t say that I was ever an avid techno fan, nor do I know if the music actually was techno or if it falls under any other sub title like ambient, electro, base, dubbing… whatever style it was it gave me little wings on my feet. If you were one of the 6000 people there and you saw something pink flying around Carl Cox, that might have been me.

Hence the question: -Why is she so happy? What is she on?

Simple things: waking up, breathing, sometimes sleeping, that is what I am on.

I am so happy to still be here! Grateful to still see our girls growing up. This is most probably a very declaration of High on life! On top of everything they were streaming confetti and long garlands in my show colors, green, yellow and pink!

Keep smiling 🙂 around the corner there might be a musical wonder that transfers you to your happy place.

3 thoughts on “What is she on?

  1. Your a fighter an inspiration to everyone & deserve a life ful of fun & laughter with all your family & friends. Why shouldn’t you have VIP at the music event & why not dance the night away. Sending positive vibes with love to you Emalie

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