We brought the heat with us from Mallorca, as the first couple of days we were here we had +30 and over degrees. It was quite funny as we had packed for rainy/coldish weather. The girls thought it was the norm and quite happily used their normal clothes to attack the not so normal heat of Sweden.

This year for my birthday I settled for a quiet 30 adults 18 kids party with Swedish cakes as the main ingredient! After indulging in the treats served up by mum and my cousin Caroline everybody headed to the lake to cool down. 

Days here have been quite full on and I just don’t think my body is coping very well with it. I’m tired all the time, and if someone spotted me trying to pay for a car parking ticket yesterday, after my 3 credit cards were declined, the guy on the telephone help line could only help me set up the convenient app for the use of paying car parking in Stockholm, not take actual payment, the array of Swedish/English swear words used amounted to an impressive €237 for the swearing pot! I was like an encyclopedia of bad words, my children were all within hearing distance, even though I used the ingenious “mother plucker”… I was in the bad books of most of my family…

Today is a new day, and let’s try Stockholm again! Mentally I am prepared, we will just have to see how the body will cope. I get so tired it’s hard even just standing up.

Keep smiling 🙂 and keep your humour high even when machines work against you! 


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