Divine energy

We are in the air. Floating towards our goal, Sweden! For the last couple of days we have been at high speed trying to get second quarter accountancy papers done for our companies… It’s the busiest quarter for Dan’s cycling event company and as I’ve had the chemo my mind has been everywhere except on paperwork duty. I was shocked on Monday when I realized it was that time again. I honestly thought it was a couple of weeks ago since I did the last accountancy.

By some divine force of nature I managed to get proper energy back during Monday afternoon. I got a throat infection and had to go to hospital to have blood taken and was put on oral antibiotics. I preferred that to the second option which was intravenous antibiotics which I assume also would have meant another hospital stay. Anyway I was only too happy to be at home medicating self with my emergency a&b’s!

It’s like the emergency antibiotics have contained something. Since I’ve been on them I’ve had really high energy. Not like the over speedy version of self that I took to in week 3 after the first 4 chemo’s, but a new type of ready to get going and organized super power.

I’ve managed to sort out all girls and my own wardrobes. Organized playroom, office and all storage spaces in the house! On top of that yesterday I managed to do all paperwork! What normally takes me between 1-2 weeks I managed to do in 3 hours straight! I’m not sure who the new me is, but she is quite handy to have around! 

The hard working me has also had time to sozcialize with my friends, both locally and visitors from Sweden! And to top it off I decided to go for a yoga lesson last night! It was more or less like a Bikram yoga as the heat in Palma yesterday night was over 36 degrees.

I was worried that I might end up like last times trial and proper yoga fail, but not so! Sandra challenged me as my body was pouring into slippery poses. Only a few rounds of extra child’s pose and some alternative poses where I sat down rather than standing when I twisted but I finished off doing a headstand and almost an underarm stand! I know I’m not allowed to be competitive during yoga and I’m not really but it was a win in itself managing to walk out of the class energized and positive!

Then arrived this morning. I can tell you this much. I am very happy we made this flight. Especially after I forgot my antibiotics at home and we had to go back for them. Myrna started feeling sick and she and our new nanny had to get out of the car, and we left them at the side of the road speeding home to get the antibiotics and picking them up on the way back to the airport. When they climbed back onboard the mini bus breathing hard and huffing oh gosh did I feel like the worlds worst mother ever in the air conditioned beauty which was our carriage. It was not even 10 o’clock and it was already 31 degrees. Of course I had told them to stand in the shade, but as Myrna had taken off her shoes in the car and then forgotten to put them on when she felt sick, the shade was someplace she didn’t feel she could stand. 

Anyway, even without pre booking a space at the long term parking at the airport (yes I had no idea you had to pre book!) we made it and even though I nearly missed the plane for another fifty reasons, we made it! 

Keep smiling šŸ™‚ sometimes you can’t even recognize who you’ve become but she might be a better you! 


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